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Amusement Park Resume

Resume of an attendant at an amusement park needs to enlighten his service oriented nature and desire to get easily dissolved with new people and interest to work for people. He is a park attendant who has to answer all the queries of people visiting the park and guiding them. The hiring personnel may need to have you as face of the company. However, many parks provide you with on job training and thus it should rather not be a must. It's only required if you were in some other job than that of a park attendant, that included handling people and guiding them, like that of restaurant jobs, customer service, entertainment field and other jobs that included public interaction.

Contact information

Jay M. Gutierrez
474 Romaines Mill Road
Dallas, TX 75247
Phone: 214-589-3777
Email ID:

Career objective:

Want to work as an Attendant at a park, beach or other related public places. Can do moderate physical works too that may be required to be done at instances while delivering my duty.

Career Achievements:

  • Have worked at public parks and have effectively transferred the required information to the visitors. Taken care of public safety of the people visiting the park.
  • Proficient in verbal communication. Able to keep simple records regarding accounts and other details.
  • Have worked at beaches and so capable of working at marine locations.


Amusement Park Attendant Children Park, San Diego, August 20011-Present

  • Places note of 'out of order' on machines that are not working.
  • Managing to return back cash to people who have tried those machines and have not got the token due to the defect in them.
  • Working in maintenance of the park equipments and tools.
  • Assisting the labors in the job of maintenance if the damage is not just regarding some minor faults.
  • Keeping the ground, roads, athletic fields, swimming pools and other areas clean and proper so that the customers do not face any hygiene issue being within the park campus.
  • Have provided quality service to customers during rides and splash pads.

Park Attendant
Fun N Frill, California 2002-2005

  • Have operated equipments like flatbed and others at occasions when required to do so
  • Notified the concerned department regarding the defects if any in the machines and equipments.
  • Have assisted customers reach the first aid room or the medical clinics at times of emergency.
  • Recording the repair and maintenance timings of the machines and making sure that the equipments and the machines are regularly checked for proper working.
  • Made the visitors aware of the facilities provided in the park and answered any other queries that customers had.
  • Informed people about the park flora for those interested in the plants and their species that are present in the park.
  • Made sure that all the areas that are to be rented are clean and ready to be used as per the schedule

Park Attendant
The Golden Gate, San Diego 2000-2005

  • Ensured the order lines of customers and requested them to stay in disciplined manner.
  • Assisted other staff in taking care of the domestic animals present in the park.
  • Helped the customers to have a safe pony ride.
  • Have worked in operation of a variety of amusement rides.
  • Maintained records regarding the services and sales offered by customers in the park

Education and Certification:
Senior Secondary, Saint Solders public School, California, 2000

Other Certifications: Have done certificate course for communication skill

Have been awarded the employee of the month award in 2004 at The Golden Gate, San Diego.

Declaration: I hereby declare that all the information provided by me here are true and authentic to best of my knowledge. (Signature)

Jay M. Gutierrez

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