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Senior Fund Accounting Analyst Resume

The non-profit organizations that work thoroughly only on funds need to manage their funds effectively. Just like other organizations, they also need to maintain proper records pertaining to accounting requirements of the organization. Being non-profit organizations, there are certain tax benefits that they can avail of, while these organizations are also answerable to their trustees and donors. A well-maintained accounting system thus, needs to be in place to ensure that all the funds arrive through the right channel and are used appropriately while all the expenses are recorded thoroughly, so as to clear the financial audits and provide answers to the queries of the donors of the organization.

Usually, such organizations prefer working with specialists because such niche experts possess thorough knowledge of all the accounting procedures, practices, and tax benefits available to them. Such accountants are known as fund accounting specialists or fund accounting analysts. Being a fund accounting analyst, one is responsible for monitoring the accounting procedures and practices pertaining to funds and ensuring that the funds are used effectively. This analyst also makes sure that all the funds are used appropriately and the cash flow related to every penny is recorded thoroughly.

Resume Sample

Harry .S. Jude
210 Mount View Drive
Fruitland, MD 20614
Phone: 301-814-2239

Career Objective:

Having handled funds and financial audits of non-profit organizations independently, I am currently looking forward to work as a Senior Fund Accounting Specialist with an organization that makes use of large resources and wishing to simplify the complexed accounting and auditing procedures associated with the same.

Career Summary:

Currently working as a fund accounting specialist with Jay Hope Charity Services, Fruitland, Maryland. Having worked in this field for almost 5 years, I am thorough with the accounting procedures and practices associated with the same. I am well acquainted with the tax benefits and tax regulations pertaining to fund accounting and willing to work with similar organizations to help make the best possible use of funds. Besides, I possess thorough expertise in fund management and planning to help the organizations get the best out of the funds received through donations.

Summary of Skills:

  • Proficiency in accounting procedures and regulations governing accounting operations
  • Proficient in using accounting software and making excellent use of spreadsheets to maintain proper records and simplify calculations
  • Well acquainted with accounting specifications put forth by GAAP
  • Thorough with the adjustments, tax benefits and formalities pertaining to the same to make sure that the account records are maintained thoroughly and that they do not cause any problems during financial audits
  • Proven ability of working in teams
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good at planning and monitoring the usage of funds to ensure that the funds are used effectively
  • Excellent in analysis, planning and budgeting

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: Jay Hope Charity Services, Fruitland, Maryland (20012-till date)
Designation: Sr. Fund Accounting Analyst
Roles and Responsibilities:

Primary responsibilities:

  • Maintaining cash flow records
  • Conducting bookkeeping and other accounting procedures
  • Maintaining ledger, balance sheets, adjustments and tax calculations along with the required tax formalities
  • Ensuring that all the cash flows (incoming and outgoing) are recorded thoroughly and the funds are used as planned

Secondary responsibilities:

  • Budgeting and monitoring the usage of funds
  • Planning the usage and requirements of funds to make sure that the funds are available in the required amount and are used efficiently
  • Raising requests for funds and drafting statements that help the trustees and donors to understand the requirements and allocation of funds, which in turn helps to maintain transparency

Previous Work Experiences:

A] Smile Foundation for Homeless and Needy, Baltimore, Maryland (2009-2012)
Designation: Fund Accountant
Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for journal entries of incoming and outgoing funds
  • Raising bills and receipts
  • Preparing financial statements
  • Drafting reports
  • Assist in determining budgets and planning the usage of funds for projects


  • Master of Commerce, St. Judith University, Fruitland, Maryland - 2009
  • Bachelor of Commerce, St. Judith University, Fruitland, Maryland - 2007

Computer Skills:

  • Proficiency in using accounting software
  • Expertise in using spreadsheets for maintaining huge databases and complex calculations
  • Proficiency in web surfing


Willing to relocate to Hagerstown or Cambridge


Available on request


Harry .S. Jude

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