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Reimbursement Accounting Specialist Resume

Medical claims, health insurances, etc., service providers handle a huge customer base and deal with policy requests and claims regularly. The organizations have to be very careful while working on claims so that they do not face any losses or suffer from frauds or scams owing to false claims. Also, the amount to be refunded in the claims is something that needs to be calculated well depending upon the tenure of the policy, such that the organization does not face any loss. For this purpose, the organizations rely on dedicated services of reimbursement accounting specialist or reimbursement specialist.

As mentioned above, this person is responsible for determining the credibility of claim applications and the amount that needs to be reimbursed. He is well acquainted with various accounting procedures, tax calculations, premium calculations, interest rates, etc., pertaining to the same. To work at this position, one must be thorough with the regulations governing the calculations and clauses of reimbursement or claim. Moreover, he should possess excellent mathematical skills that help in determining the claim amount.

Thus, this person is solely responsible for approving or disapproving a claim, deciding the claim amount and performing required accounting and taxation procedures pertaining to the same.

Resume Sample

Kelly .S. Dale
209 Mountain Snow Drive
Cambridge, MD 20610
Ph: 310-481-1493

Career Objective:

Willing to work with an organization as a Reimbursement Accounting Specialist where I get to play an active role in financial investment planning, such that I get to use my investment and trading skills to help increase profit of the organization as well as customers, while working on reimbursement accounting.

Career Summary:

With a total work experience of around 6 years in reimbursement accounting and financial planning, I have gained expertise in reimbursement accounting, taxation, and financial investment and planning. I am thorough with the regulations, taxations, and calculations pertaining to reimbursement and proficient in handling share trading and financial planning to help increase the profitability of the organization.

Summary of Skills:

  • Thorough with reimbursement documentation and regulations
  • Well acquainted with calculations of taxes, amounts to be reimbursed, etc., and thorough analysis of the reimbursement applications put forth by the applicants
  • Well acquainted with data mining and database management to help update, review and check the records of customers
  • Expertise in verification of documents submitted for claims to make sure that the documents are not fraudulent and are free from any other flaws
  • Thorough with products and policies that help in appropriate calculation and determining of the claim amounts
  • Well acquainted with the accounting procedures and taxation adjustments to be made in the accounts claiming for refunds

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: SGS Insurance Services, Cambridge, Dorchester County, Maryland (2012-till date)
Designation: Reimbursement Accounting Specialist
Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Studying claim applications and checking the same for authenticity
  • Responsible for approval or disapproval of claim applications, calculating the amounts to be paid for the claims, etc.
  • Maintaining the records pertaining to reimbursement accounts and regularly updating the same
  • Bookkeeping and maintaining the general ledger
  • Making required accounting and taxation adjustments in the ledger and balance sheets
  • Updating and maintaining accounts of the clients
  • Oversee the payroll accounting procedures and ensure that the employees are paid on time
  • Perform various actions pertaining to taxation, financial investments and planning, etc., to ensure increased profitability

Previous Work Experiences:

A] JSG Manufacturers Ltd., Cambridge, Maryland (2006-2008)
Designation: Reimbursement Specialist
Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for studying refund applications put forth by the clients, in case of faulty material delivery, incorrect payment, excess payment, etc.
  • Crosscheck and verify applications, draft a report and send the same for further processing to the accounts department
  • Assist in making journal entries and processing required financial statements and reports
  • Responsible for handling billing and recording payments
  • Responsible for preparing financial audits and assisting in budgeting process
  • Assist in monitoring financial investments of the organization


  • Master's Degree in Financial Accounting, St. Peter's University, Cambridge, Maryland - 2008
  • Bachelor's Degree in Commerce, St. Peter's University, Cambridge, Maryland - 2006

Computer Skills:

  • Well acquainted with MS Excel and other MS Office applications, including the standard analytical tools


Willing to relocate to Illinois or Massachusetts


Available on request


Kelly .S. Dale

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