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Production Accounting Assistant Resume

Accounting is a core part of every business. Every organization has to look after its finance and accounting procedures, maintain proper records, and document all the transactions, such that everything remains in place and the organization does not face any problem due to improper financing and accounting. Thus, the organizations appoint accountants who look after their accounting procedures and needs.

The accountants have a wide scope in the industry because every organization, be it manufacturing, services, financial, production, entertainment, etc., needs finance and thus, needs accountants to keep a record of all the financial activities. The role of an accountant remains the same with more or less similar job responsibilities. The job responsibilities might undergo slight variation depending on the size and type of organization.

Let us consider the example of an accountant working with a church and another working with a film production organization. The former accountant, along with basic accounting procedures, needs to know about the tax benefits available to non-profit organizations such as a church, NGO, etc. On the other hand, the latter one must be aware of different taxes imposed on film and entertainment sectors, including the documentation and calculation of the same. Thus, the type of organization leads to a slight difference in the job responsibilities.

Let us learn a little more about the same with the help of the production accounting assistant resume sample given below. The accounting assistant is usually an entry level position in the field of accounting. As an assistant, the person reports to senior accountants and follows their instructions. He/she learns the work under their guidance and is later promoted based on his/her performance and skills.

The resume sample give below will put forth all the required information such as qualifications, skills, job responsibilities, etc., associated with the said position. Moreover, it will also give a ready resume format that will help us to understand how the information should be presented in a professional resume.

Sam J. Martinez
4586 Bernardo Street
Tampa, FL 33607
Phone: 813-291-8715

Career Objective:

Wish to excel in my career and work with an organization where the employee and employer's growth goes hand in hand and every employee gets an opportunity to become an effective contributor to the organization's success.

Career Summary:

Currently working with Saturn Film Production House, Tampa, Florida as an Assistant Accountant. As an assistant to the senior accountant, I am responsible for making journal entries, updating the ledger, keeping a record of all bills and receipts, issuing receipts for payments, updating the daily transaction record, monitoring and recording the daily cash flow from the current account of the organization, etc. Prior to working with this organization, I worked as a Store Cashier with Planet Y Music while pursuing my graduation.

Summary of Skills:

  • Being a fast learner, I easily understand my responsibilities and different accounting procedures which helps me to perform my duties with ease
  • Zeal to learn and excel, which motivates me to work hard towards excellence and perfection
  • Thorough with the accounting procedures, computerized accounting software, and tax calculations
  • Good communication skills
  • Proven ability of working in teams and coordinating with different departments
  • Good listener, exceptionally good mathematical skills, and thorough with the use of MS Excel for calculations and database management
  • Thorough with the regulations governing accounting procedures
  • Thorough with the financial audit requirements
  • Good at problem solving and analytical reasoning

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: Saturn Film Production House, Tampa, Florida (2012-till date)
Designation: Assistant Accountant
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Report to the senior accountant
  • Making journal entries and updating the ledger
  • Keep a proper record of daily cash flow, make deposits in current account, and issue receipts and bills of payments
  • Responsible for drafting weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports
  • Assist in drafting the balance sheet of the organization, preparing all the documents needed for financial audits, etc.
  • Assist in making all the required tax calculations and documentation and accomplishing all tax related formalities in the guidance of the seniors

Previous Work Experiences:

A] Planet Y Music, Tampa, Florida (2010-2012)
Designation: Store Cashier
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Collecting payments from customers, issuing bills, and making entries in the computer records
  • Depositing cash on a daily basis in the bank
  • Responsible for paying all the utility bills and maintaining proper record of receipts obtained for these payments
  • Assist the store accountant in maintaining records
  • Assist the store accountant for performing tax calculations and procedures


  • Bachelor of Commerce Degree, Delmar University, Tampa, Florida - 2012
  • Pursuing Master of Commerce Degree (Distance Learning Program), Delmar University, Tampa, Florida

Computer Skills:

  • Well acquainted with computerized accounting procedures and MS Office

Extra Curricula Activities:

  • Played for the state level Florida Basketball Team
  • Represent the Tampa Cultural Society in different cultural events organized in Florida


Looking for suitable opportunities in Illinois and Virginia


Michael .S. Russell
4994 Austin Twin Lane
Tampa, Fl 33607
Phone: 813-252-6300


Sam .J. Martinez

The production accounting assistant resume sample presented here can be used by an individual looking for suitable resume samples or templates to draft his/her accounting resume. While drafting a resume, make sure that you answer the three most important questions of the employer, i.e., 'Who, What and Why'. The employer should get an answer as to who you are, what makes you suitable for the said job position, and why should he/she choose you over many other aspiring candidates.

While you answer these questions, you need to make sure that you do not churn out your entire autobiography in your resume. Your resume should be a maximum of 2-3 pages (if you have considerable years of experience) and must present all the information as precisely as possible. The employer cannot keep reading your resume to get the answer to these simple questions. The more effectively and simplified the information appears to the recruiter, the greater the chances are of your resume being selected for further rounds.

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