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Private Accountant Resume

Resumes should be variably detailed, structured, and compiled in such a manner that it would be easy for the recruiters to follow the information provided by the candidates. A resume is supposed to sell a candidate to the potential hirers by listing his or her skills, experience, and educational achievements in an impressive manner.

Here, on this page, we look at how to construct a private accountant resume in particular. A private accountant is different from every other accountant as a lot of trust is placed on this type of accountant by the company hiring him or her, as a private accountant is an in-house employee in every sense of the term.

Therefore, it is obligatory to frame a private accountant resume in such a way that the recruiters might identify something unusual or unique in the candidate which would convince them that the candidate is worth investing in and has got what it takes to be introduced to the inner fold of the corporation.

Here, we will deal with some information pertaining to the job position of a private accountant as well as provide a private accountant resume sample as a reference guide for those interested in presenting their own resumes to the recruiters by applying for the job.

We start with some data on the various elements from the private accountant position.

Job Description of a Private Accountant

Let us see the meaning of a private accountant first:

Private Accountant - A private accountant is an in-house accountant required to oversee the various accounting work done at a company and is bound to that singular company by an official contract. The private accountant's contract may dictate that he or she may not freelance for any other company, unless via a written permission.

As mentioned before, trust is a major component when it comes to hiring a private accountant, as he or she needs to work without any supervision whatsoever.

Skills Required to become a Private Accountant

As you can imagine, a good sense of business ethics and integrity is absolutely needed in order to be an efficient private accountant. Other skills which may come in handy for the job of a private accountant is as follows:

  • Good auditing skills, as a private accountant needs to be a skilled internal auditor
  • Obviously, strong accounting capabilities, as a private accountant needs to have impeccable bookkeeping and accounting abilities
  • Extraordinary communication skills are an absolute must
  • Sharp memory to remember the locations where every record and account is stored as well as to remember the terms and conditions put forth through different federal and state rules and regulations

Average Salary of a Private Accountant

The average salary of a private accountant is $27,000. However, the top range varies from company to company.

Educational Requirements to become a Private Accountant

Large corporations demand at least a bachelor's degree in accounting from their job candidates. Smaller companies, however, are content with accounting diploma holders.

So now that we have seen the job elements of the private accountant profile, let us go through the resume sample for a private accountant job. Note that you are expected not to plagiarize the content of this resume sample.

Cesar J. Reece
1213 Platinum Drive, Canonsburg, PA 15317
Phone: 724 - 754 - 5901
Email ID:


To polish my abilities in accounting, auditing, and corporate communication by serving as a private accountant at your esteemed establishment.

Skills Possessed

  • Brilliant accounting skills
  • Good bookkeeping talents
  • Sharp and alert memory to remember where the records and accounts are kept, when those records/accounts are needed in the time of emergency
  • Solid communication skills (both in written as well as verbal format)
  • Precise auditing capabilities
  • Incredible set of work ethics and high personal morals

Work Experience

Private Accountant, Clearwater Paper Productions, Dallas, TX

I was working as a private accountant at Clearwater Paper Productions between the time period of May 3, 2009 and May 5, 2013.

At CPP, I was required to oversee all the internal accounting work of the company. I was also expected to strictly internally audit the budget so as to set the salaries of all the company employees. I was also expected to keep track of the rapidly changing tax regulations and procedures and utilize the modified regulations while preparing the report for the company's returns.

Educational Qualifications

Master's Degree in Business Administration, Honors in Finance and Accounting, Alfred University, CA, Batch of 2009
Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, Alfred University, CA, Batch of 2007

Please contact for further references

We hope that you have everything you need to know about the job specifics of the private accountant profile and what exactly is needed to prepare a professional private accountant resume.

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