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Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Auditor Resume

Internal revenue service (IRS) auditors are responsible to verify the accuracy of federal tax returns. When an individual or business submits tax forms, these auditors are responsible for analyzing such tax documents. They conduct an inquiry if there are any inconsistencies identified in the tax forms. Besides, they review several financial documents which include budget planning, investment records, receipts, spending records, revenue projections, etc., and perform other similar tasks which come under their routine work. They also check for the amount of revenue received and that of the taxes paid and, if there are any discrepancies found, they execute inquiries which is known as the process of auditing.

It can be said that these professionals keep an eye on the incomes and expenditures of the individuals, businesses, and government agencies. They make sure whether or not the taxes have been paid by these agencies as per their generated revenues. The professionals have excellent knowledge and understanding of all federal tax laws. It is known that they do not work on all tax forms at once; instead, they work on them while operating in different departments or divisions.

In order to apply for this post, you at least require a bachelor's degree in any relevant subject. A certification in this field would be an added benefit in the job application procedure. If a candidate does not possess any certification then he would be required to complete an additional course of 30 classroom hours studying about the related accounting or auditing subjects. It would be interesting to know that a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is eligible to apply for the entry level positions in this accounting domain.

Resume Example

Tiffany A. Peterson
4738 Roosevelt Street
San Jose, CA 95131
Phone: 733-582-4462
Email Id:


Seeking a challenging position of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Auditor in an esteemed organization where I could apply my skills and knowledge towards its development and ensure fulfillment of the business objectives.


  • Highly skilled in organizing individual and service tax returns
  • Excellent knowledge of bookkeeping and accountancy
  • Good analytical and problem solving skills
  • Sound knowledge of laws and tools related to tax
  • Exceptional abilities to analyze the revenue generated and tax paid
  • Ability to communicate excellently in the English language

Work Experience:

Company: Daltphase Incorporations
Designation: IRS (Internal Revenue Service) Auditor
Duration: November 2012 - Till Date


  • Keep a track of the revenue generated and tax paid
  • Conduct audits when there are any discrepancies
  • Examine the accounts of individuals, businesses, and government agencies
  • Plan and organize internal audit functions and prepare effective audit plans
  • Maintain the data while keeping high accuracy
  • Ensure that the funds spent and applicable reports sent to the authorities are relevant and corresponding with each other
  • Discuss about the tax paying issues and complicated fiscal activities with corporate taxpayers and their representatives

Company: Unifix Incorporations
Designation: Taxpayer Service Representative
Duration: August 2010 - September 2012


  • Attend to client inquiries on subjects related to tax filing and resolve them
  • Find out the reasons for delinquent standing of taxpayers and see that such statuses are filed
  • Send notices to taxpayers
  • Clarify several bills
  • Remain aware of enforcement policies, current IRS tax documents, forms, notices, and regulations
  • Keep and maintain bookkeeping records
  • Deposit cash and maintain proper records of the transactions
  • Lead up apposite account actions which include payment tracers, transfers, and adjustments


  • Master of Finance from University of Texas, TX, 2010
  • Bachelor of Commerce from University of Texas, TX, 2008
  • High School Diploma from Gulliver High School, TX, 2005


Kyle V. Wakeman
1104 Wood Duck Drive
Iron Mountain, MI 49801

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