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Hotel Accountant Resume

A hotel accountant has to make sure that all the outgoing and incoming cash flow of the hotel is handled well and accounted for. There could be a head hotel accountant who oversees the work done by sub accountants and makes entries into the general ledger and accounting database. Like other accountants, a hotel accountant also prepares financial reports after every regular period, displaying in detail the financial position of the hotel and profit or loss margins as well as the auditing of the overall budget to handle the various aspects mandatory for the smooth running of a hotel.

A hotel accountant may also be called upon to keep an eye on the various taxes imposed on the hotel and keep aside a set budget just for paying the taxes, so as to avoid legal tangles on the grounds of tax evasion or tax fraudulence.

Resume Sample

Name: Harold M. Marcotte
Address: 4581 Essex Court, Grand Isle, VT 05458
Phone: 802 - 372 - 3674
Email ID:


Committed to finding a Hotel Accountant job which exploits my skills, training, and experience in the same field.

Skills Possessed:

  • Genius levels of accounting skills
  • Highly comfortable with the performing of mental calculations, especially when put “on the spot” and in pressure situations
  • Brilliant communication skills (both in the verbal as well as written capacity)
  • Academic knowledge of all the GAAP and SAP policies
  • Attention to detail skills which portrays a highly competent personality while handling large sums of cash, change, and various credits from different guests and patrons

Previous Work Experience

Hotel Accountant, Cupid's Paradise, Malibu, CA

I served as a hotel accountant at the Cupid's Paradise, Malibu, CA for the time span between April 11, 2008 to May 24, 2013.

In my time as a hotel accountant at the Malibu based hotel organization, I was required to work in a team of other accountants to keep in check the incoming and outgoing of monetary resources for the hotel as well as communicate with the hotel managers to set the payrolls for the various employees hired by the hotel, except for those employees working in the management and accounting departments.

Later on, due to the recession in the autumn of 2010, the hotel cut down on its staff for budgetary reasons and outsourced most of the accounting jobs to external hotel management companies. Fortunately, I remained with the hotel with the added duty of overseeing, coordinating, and verifying the accounting work done by the various hotel management agencies.

Academic Qualifications

Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, Alfred University, CA, Batch of 2008

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