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Hedge Fund Accountant Resume

We will focus on the job of hedge fund accountant with special emphasis on the job description of the profile and a resume sample provided for reference here.

Meaning of a Hedge Fund: A hedge fund refers to a special kind of investment fund which covers a broader range of business and investment activities. However, a hedge fund is offered only by certain kinds of investors who have been given the necessary permission by the regulators. These investors who open up hedge funds for investments include foundations which offer college funds and retirement plans.

The job of a hedge fund accountant is truly varied in nature.

  • The most important function of a hedge fund accountant is to value the hedge fund, which is analyzing the value of the fund's assets by checking and taking the market value of those funds into consideration and then, continuing the tracking procedure on a quarterly and monthly basis Hedge fund accountants also have to prepare financial reports to the investors who have hired them, explaining the amount that the hedge funds earned (or lost) for the investors in the marketplace
  • One of the most demanding tasks of a hedge fund accountant is managing the cash flow which can get quite complicated at times. Hedge fund accountants need to advise their investors on sources they can borrow assets from, so as to perform as collateral in the times of need
  • A hedge fund accountant may be required to oversee the work of tertiary accounting firms to whom the hedge fund accounting work has been outsourced to, so as to free the hedge fund accountant to concentrate on the management of more prominent funds

Resume Sample

Name: John J. Frase
Address: 631 Hummingbird Way, Acton, MA 01720
Phone: 781 - 967 - 6139
Email ID:


I am focused on exploiting the best of my cash management and financial market analyzing skills to function as the best Hedge Fund Accountant at your revered service.

Skills Possessed:

  • Impeccable accounting skills and an uncanny knack of analyzing the asset value situation in the ever changing marketplace
  • Brilliant communication skills (both in the written and verbal context)
  • Comfortable in making crucial decisions without letting the vital resources such as time and money to go in vain in the process
  • Cool and calm under pressure and ability to handle deadlines with immense ease
  • Vast knowledge of the rules, regulations, and procedures pertaining to hedge fund accounting

Previous Work Experience:

Hedge Fund Accountant, Conway and Gill Associates, Memphis, TN

I served as a hedge fund accountant at Conway and Gill Associates, an investment fund association, in the time frame of September 2010 - April 2013.

During my service at the association, most of my work consisted of preparing financial reports for the investors. This included quarterly and monthly reports of the hedge fund asset values in the marketplace, the cash flow representations of the various assets in the funds, profit and loss statements, and asset performance evaluation reports formed on a regular basis.

Educational Qualifications:

Master's Degree in Business Administration with Honors in Finance and Accounts, Alfred University, CA (Batch of 2010)
Bachelor's Degree in Finance, Alfred University, CA (Batch of 2007)


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