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Fixed Asset Accountant Resume

There are many different ways that one could format a resume which requires you to include a great deal of vital statistics regarding the job in the resume content itself. The best way is to stick to the uniform, common structure that most resumes sport. That is, the following section succeeding each other section in the same serial order as they are displayed below:

  • Personal Details
  • Objective
  • Skills Possessed
  • Previous Work Experience
  • Educational Qualifications
  • References (if any)

It is in this manner that you build your job application resume even if it is for a job as skill demanding as say, a fixed asset accountant. Here, on this page, we will look at the different requirements a person holding the position of fixed asset accountant is supposed to fulfill in a corporate environment, in addition to a fixed asset accountant resume sample which should be utilized only for reference sake.

First, let us look at what exactly the job of a fixed asset accountant entails.

Job Specifics of a Fixed Asset Accountant Profile

A fixed asset accountant has one primary goal he or she has to accomplish as well as a number of secondary objectives which he or she may be handed over depending upon the individual company's policies or particular market behavior.

The primary goal of a fixed asset accountant is as the job title suggests - manage whatever fixed assets the company has purchased, be it in a tangible or intangible form.

The other numerous duties that a fixed asset accountant may have to fulfill during the course of his or her service include:

  • Tracking down of pre-existing financial assets
  • Basic accounting work regarding the manner in which the financial assets are disposed off
  • Recording depreciation of assets in the company, if any
  • Frame a system of procedures, controls, and policies regulating the maintenance of assets purchased by the company
  • Taking the data collected into consideration and make recommendations to the management whether or not to dispose off the fixed assets
  • Decide on audit schedules and procedures when it comes to fixed assets and then support the auditors during their inquiries
  • Inform the management about intangible assets and conduct periodic impairment reviews about the same

Now that we have seen the main demands of a fixed asset accountancy job, let us look into the vital details of a resume for the fixed asset accountant position. Note that this resume sample should ideally act as a guide for you and we fully expect that you do not plagiarize the content as that would warrant legal action on our part.

Name: Robert M. Hemphill
Address: 1314 Goldcliff Circle, Washington DC, 20036
Phone: 202 - 597 - 9748
Email ID:


It is the absolute goal of my career to fully exploit my skills related to fixed asset accountancy in order to contribute to the stabilization of your valued company's resources.

Skills Possessed

  • Brilliant people skills including excellent leadership and organizational skills
  • Strong set of ethics and moral values to ensure that none of my practices bring about uncomfortable situations for the company at hand
  • Fluent knowledge of GAAP and accounting
  • Capable of working individually, stepping up and leading when needed, and to work in a team environment as well
  • Comfortable with building policies and procedures to ensure the audit breakdown of the company's current assets
  • Multilingual and easily able to communicate verbally and in writing in a range of global languages

Previous Work Experience

Fixed Asset Accountant,
Camden Insurance Group, Bayside, New York

I served in the capacity of fixed asset accountant at Camden Insurance Group, Bayside, New York between the time period of September 2008 - April 2013.

In this organization, the job required me to prepare sets of procedures and policies which would dictate the control of the company's fixed assets. I was also responsible for scheduling the audit program regarding fixed assets for different operations undertaken by the company.

Educational Qualifications

Master's Degree in Business Administration, with Honors in Finance and Accounts, New York University, NY (Batch of 2008)
Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, New York University, NY (Batch of 2005)


Please contact for further references

And, with that we reach the end of our article on the resume for fixed asset accountant job. Take the important guidelines from the sample provided above and design a job winning resume for yourself. Wishing you success as you try to cinch this lucrative job.

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