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FBI Accountant Resume

There are different kinds of jobs which bring joy to a number of people. However, there is a field of work which immediately brings to mind an imagery of intrepidness and thrill. We are talking about working for none other than the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

However, not all jobs and professions associated with the FBI are intrinsically connected to the adrenaline rush that comes along with being directly involved in the field of action. There are some jobs such as an FBI accounting job which, though not the most thrilling of the federal bureau related services, is nonetheless an incredibly crucial and irreplaceable element of the entire system. After all, without accounting, there would be no keeping track of the budget required to handle the various FBI activities.

If one is interested in applying for an FBI accountant resume then he/she has directly arrived at the right place. Below, not only will you find important job specifications of an FBI accountant, but we also have a handy template as well as an actual resume sample for an FBI accountant. All for your convenience! So have a look below.

Job Specifications of an FBI Accountant

Basically, there are two types of accounting jobs which are provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

One would be an "accounting special agent" which involves being a little hands-on in the investigations conducted by the bureau. For instance, an accounting special agent deals directly with the work of helping solve the financial and monetary related crimes.

The other type of FBI accountant job involves general accounting services - the kind of accounting needed by large multinational companies and organizations. This kind of FBI accounting job is known as "in-house accounting" and requires you to keep track of all the different financial budget lines demanded by the myriad operations undertaken by the bureau.

No matter what you choose for your profession, you may be rest assured that an accounting job in the FBI is sure to be highly exploitative of all your skills as well as extremely rewarding in terms of satisfaction and pay.

So without further ado, let us look at the FBI accountant resume template we have portrayed below.

FBI Accountant Resume Template

When you are putting together an FBI accountant resume, you should concentrate on mainly two aspects of it - The "skills" and "previous work experience" sections. Let us take a better look at the rest of the resume template:

Personal Details

Name of the Candidate:
Permanent Residence of the Candidate:
Contact Details (Residence/ Cell Phone and Email ID):

Career Objective

[One Line]
Skills Possessed and Relevant to the FBI Accountant Job
[Bullet Format]

Previous Work Experience

Start with your first job or work upwards from there. Give details such as the name of the company, the time period you worked for at the company, your job designation/ job title, and the various responsibilities of your job.

Educational Qualifications

Start with the highest degree you have achieved, along with the name of the university you achieved the degree from, and the year of passing. You may mention your other degrees in the descending order of importance.


Attach references at the end of the resume.

Now, the sample of resume for the FBI accountant profession:

Name: Bob R. Dean
Address: 3241 Buena Vista Avenue, Eugene, OR 94702
Residence Number: 541 - 729 - 7534
Email ID:


Plan on serving my country, in the best capacity I can, with my proficient accounting skills as well as my inclination towards analyzing finance related misdemeanors.

Skills Possessed for the Job

  • A complete and up-to-date knowledge on accounting and budget control techniques
  • Savant communication skills, be it written or verbose
  • Impressive knack to recollect even the most auxiliary of information from documents, notes, records, and reports as and when needed
  • Analytical skills sure to come in handy while breaking down the financial aspects of large volumes of statistical data. Also skilled at summarizing and reviewing the said data
  • Impeccable ethical and moral integrity

Previous Work Experience

FBI Accountant, August 2008 to December 2013
Cyprus, Picayune, MS

My work as an FBI accountant at Cyprus required me to have a little bit of expertise on financial transactions, besides, also on developing work sheets used for investigations executed by the bureau. My services also entailed me to get a hold of confidential corporate financial documents and screen them for any discrepancies or illegalities.

Educational Qualifications

MBA (Accounting) from the University of Phoenix (Batch of 2007)
BSA (Auditing- Forensic Accounting) from Kaplan University (Batch of 2004)

For further references, see the attached documents

And so, this is the way you set up an FBI accountant resume. This resume sample is genuinely brief, but you may expand on yours if you have the skills and/or previous work experience to boast about. So pull up your socks and go nab that vacant accountant job in the bureau.

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