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Corporate Tax Accountant Resume

The job of a corporate tax accountant is a highly prestigious there are a number of duties associated with being a corporate tax accountant in the first place. Corporate tax account performs various duties such as, collection of tax related information, building tax payment strategies, setting of audits for various operations undertaken by a company, upgrading of the tax sales database based on changing tax rates, giving advice to the higher management when it comes to tax strategies, audits, and payments. Refer resume example below.

Name: Charles A. Campbell
Address: 68 Ingram Street, Dayton, OH 45402
Phone: 937 - 491 - 8491
Email ID:

Job Objective:

To unite my varied skills pertaining to the corporate tax accounting profile and serve my duty in the capacity of a corporate tax accountant in as sincere and hard working manner as possible, so as to bring to fruition the best interests of your esteemed establishment.

Skills Possessed:

  • Sound knowledge of corporate tax rules
  • Experience in contemplating and executing effective tax strategies which defer the tax payments of the company without any hassle with the tax authorities
  • Practiced in the collection of tax data with regards to the company and the company's operations
  • Solid communication and social skills
  • Brilliant accounting skills

Previous Work Experience:

Corporate Tax Accountant
Driftwood Cardboard Manufacturers, Dayton, OH

I served as a corporate tax accountant at Driftwood Cardboard Manufacturers, Dayton, OH, for the time period – May 2008 to December 2013. As a corporate tax accountant, I was supposed to be knowledgeable of all fronts of the government laid tax laws and guidelines for private companies.

I was responsible to head a team of “internal tax strategists" to brainstorm and attempt to delay tax payments for the company in times of dire need without crossing into the areas of outright tax evasion. I was also responsible to coordinate tax preparation work which was outsourced overseas by the company and personally present all the information to the higher management.

Educational Qualifications:

  • MMBA in Finance, New York University (Batch of 2008)
  • B.Sc. in Taxation, New York University (Batch of 2005)


Will be provided upon request

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