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Agency Bookkeeper Resume

If you are looking for a career in accounting as an agency bookkeeper then you need to prepare an effective resume for the job. This profile is somewhat similar to that of a general accountant. The main activity of this profile is to evaluate and assess financial status of an agency. The work also involves calculating the profitability of business. The bookkeeper is required to maintain general ledger books and calculate income tax and other expenses.

The job responsibilities mentioned under this profile generally include maintaining financial transaction records, completing verification of transaction details, calculating employee wages, preparing checks, collecting and verifying transaction receipts, calculating and preparing profit and loss statements, calculating payroll and income tax, performing reconciliation of accounts, preparing financial reports of the staff, supporting auditors in handling account related activities, and ensuring that the accounting reports are in compliance with the general accounting principles and guidelines.

To become an agency bookkeeper, a bachelor's degree in finance or accounting is required. Some of the key skill sets and competencies required to achieve this position include extensive knowledge of accounting principles, GAAP, and statistics and mathematical concepts. One also needs to acquire effective communication skills with excellent time management and organizational skills.

Mike Ford
3030 North Dallas Ave, Lancaster, Texas
Phone: (644) - 225 1025
Email Id:

Profile Summary:

Well versed with the accounting and financial concepts along with sound knowledge of providing support in the activities associated with the financial domain. Currently, looking for a career as an agency bookkeeper in a renowned and prestigious organization.

Knowledge & Skills

  • Extensive knowledge of accounting procedures, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), and bookkeeping procedures
  • Comprehensive knowledge of accounts payable and receivable processes and financial forecasting
  • In-depth knowledge of preparing and analyzing financial and statistical data
  • Well versed with the operation of accounting and financial systems and Microsoft Office applications
  • Ability to communicate proficiently with sound organizational and analytical abilities

Previous Professional Experience

Organization: TDS Inc, Texas
Duration: 2011 till date
Designation: Agency Bookkeeper

  • Performed responsibilities associated with the gathering and verifying of cash and check transactions
  • Performed the task of calculating appreciation of assets and payroll taxes
  • Handled the responsibility of preparing account details and statements under the guidelines of the account auditor
  • Completed the job of preparing income tax returns and calculating compensations and payments on a monthly basis
  • Looked after the important work of account reconciliation and documentation of records in journal and ledger entries
  • Accomplished the task of preparing records of daily deposit statements and performing accounts receivable and accounts payable activities
  • Executed the management of petty cash expenses and reconciliation of bank statements

Organization: Norwood Finance, Texas
Duration: 2009 to 2011
Designation: Junior Agency Bookkeeper

  • Assisted in conducting quarterly and annual review of account reports and statements
  • Provided support to senior staff in preparing budget and handling complex accounting tasks
  • Performed responsibilities related to gathering of funds, distribution of departmental funds and management of accounts in general ledger systems
  • Completed the job of preparing receipt books and performing revision of listed prices
  • Made necessary pricing adjustments and preparing inventory reports
  • Looked after exact preparation of account reports in accordance with code balances
  • Handled all other essential accounting, clerical and administrative tasks as required

Educational Qualifications

Bachelor's Degree in Accountancy, 2009
Cecil Valley College, Texas

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