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Actuarial Analyst Resume

The actuarial analyst job profile includes analyzing of various kinds of risk exposure in financial security systems and investment in security and helping customers to manage it. The analyst mathematically analyzes the risks, likelihood of risks and happenings of certain events and also develops various programs that help to reduce uncertainties. Thus, the analyst helps to analyze the risks on account such as uncertainty and variability of return that eventually helps to manage such risk exposures with proper assessment.

The job is challenging and requires a lot of expertise in the field along with strong analytical skills. It is mostly related to insurance and investment sector where there is potential risk on account of variability of return. The professional provides highly specialized risk financing solutions for the same.

Resume Example

Carrie L. Cron
4780 Bee Street
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Career Objective:

Seeking an opportunity for the position of an Actuarial Analyst that will help me to develop and apply my knowledge and experience in the area of actuarial analysis, providing me with decisive opportunities for growth and development.

Profile summary:

  • 5 years of experience as an assistant actuarial analyst
  • Extensive knowledge of analyzing various issues with help of mathematical tools, techniques, and mechanisms
  • Expertise in performing risk analysis and using management techniques
  • Well acquainted with portfolio analysis and management


  • Time management
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Analytical skills and report writing
  • Strong judgment ability
  • Proficiency in managerial and organizational skills
  • Well acquainted with different mathematical techniques and mechanisms used for actuarial analysis

Technical skills:

  • Expert in MS Excel, MS Word, etc.
  • Acquainted with different modern tools and techniques used for analysis and interpretation of data
  • Extensive experience in areas of quantification, analysis, and report writing with its technical details
  • Expertise in handling mathematical and technical issues
  • Familiar with common actuarial software applications


  • Master of Mathematics from University of Warwick in 2007
  • Diploma course in Actuary Discipline from University of Warwick in 2009
  • Diploma course in Logic and Methodology Science and Psychology from Institute of Michigan in 2010


  • Certified Actuarial Analyst in 2011
  • Certification course in French and German languages in 2012

Professional experience:

An Assistant Actuary Analyst
Barnett Hodge, LMP, London 2009 - Present

  • Collected information and data for actuarial analysis
  • Performed analysis and interpretation with help of different mathematical tools and mechanisms
  • Determined vital assets and conducted liability management
  • Performed report writing based on the findings of analysis
  • Executed risk analysis and management of risk exposure that arises on account of uncertainty and variability of return
  • Assisted in portfolio evaluation and revision
  • Accomplished a detailed assessment of financial security systems
  • Evaluated probability of happenings of events and minimized related risks
  • Completed scientific and systematic study and interpretation of data


Nominated for 'The Best Employee of the Year Award' in 2012


  • Affiliated to Michigan Institute of Technology and Social Affairs, which spreads awareness about burning social issues
  • Active member of USA Calamity Recovery Association, which works for the social welfare of the victims of natural calamities

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