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Accounts Receivable Clerk Resume

The duties of an accounts receivable clerk include clerical, administrative, and all managerial functions associated with receivables management. In order to become more competent and efficient in this field, one needs to possess in-depth knowledge of all financial and operational policies of the organization he is placed in. A detailed understanding of these policies and schemes will also help to improve one's efficiency and sort out all kinds of problems associated with accounts management.

Here is an elegantly created sample of accounts receivable clerk resume. Go through it and acquire excellent strategies to compose an awe-inspiring one.

Julie S. Castle
383 Twin House Lane
Walker, MO 64790

Career Objective:

To be associated with an organization that provides me ample opportunities for growth and development and use my potential for the achievement of objectives and thereby, contribute towards the growth of the organization.

Profile summary:

  • 3 years of experience as an accounts receivable clerk
  • 2 years of experience as an assistant in managing inventory
  • Wide practice in the area of administration
  • Expertise in performing clerical functions
  • Sound knowledge of accounting policies and procedures
  • Experience in handling issues related to debtor management


  • Excellent in handling clerical and organizational functions
  • Expert in MS Excel and Word functions
  • Experience in billing and transaction processing
  • Proficient in multi-tasking
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Strong mathematical competency
  • Knowledge of accounting programs

Technical skills:

  • Excellency in using relevant MS spreadsheets and functions
  • Experience in managing payroll systems
  • Knowledge of accounting software


  • Graduation in Accounting from University of Los Angeles in 2008
  • Diploma in Account Management from Educational Institute of Missouri in 2010


Certification course in French, German, and Spanish languages in 2009

Professional experience:

An Accounts Receivables Clerk 2006-till now
Kyle & Meyers Industries, Missouri


  • Discharging clerical, administrative and managerial functions with respect to accounts management
  • Performing correspondence functions and replying to emails and letters of customers
  • Helping in preparation of reports and documents that will facilitate decision-making for the management
  • Assisting managers to formulate policies related to receivables management based on the historical performance of the company
  • Keeping a record of various policies associated with accounts management
  • Executing record keeping and documentation
  • Ensuring proficient database management
  • Solving customer queries and functioning as a link between customers and the management

An Assistant Inventory Keeper 2008-2010
VBN Accounting Pvt. Ltd., Missouri


  • Managing and controlling of inventory with the help of modern inventory control tools and techniques
  • Having a close check over inventory maintenance and secondary inspection
  • Systematic and scientific arrangement of inventory
  • Implementation of plans of the organization regarding inventory management
  • Deciding about the optimum level of inventory for cost reduction
  • Settling matters related to various levels of inventory to be kept for safety purposes


  • Received 'The Best Inventory Professional' award for excellent handling of inventory functions, thereby, resulting into cost reduction and efficient management of the inventory
  • Nominated for 'The Best Employee of the Year' while operating in the accounts department
  • Received a prize for consistent performance


  • Affiliated to USA Nationwide Social Welfare Club, which works for the education of poor children
  • Active member of Missouri Charitable Trust

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