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Accounting Manager (Funds) Resume

Accounting manager (funds) is responsible for carrying out accounting activities related to investments or portfolio management. He is needed to oversee different tasks linked with financial functions. Some of the major duties are:

  • Reviewing accounting procedures and their strict conformance with the standard accounting principles and practices
  • Ensuring effective customer relationship management by providing efficient services and customer satisfaction
  • Focusing on the accountability of different jobs to be carried out
  • Reducing the risks involved in different investment opportunities by combining various investment options and devising strategies to maximize returns
  • Supervising the procedures of financial accounting and preparation of reports for management decision-making
  • Overseeing the preparation of financial statements namely, trading, profit and loss account and balance sheet of the organization (external reporting function)
Likewise, the manager is responsible for carrying out a number of financial and accounting functions.

Resume Sample

Dean A. Hall
2988 Cunningham Court
Detroit, MI 48226

Career Objective:

Aspiring for the position of Accounting Manager (Funds) in an established organization and work for efficient management of financial operations and thereby contribute towards the amplification of organizational profit and value.

Profile summary:

  • 5 years of practical experience in managing funds accounting issues and handling investment projects
  • Well acquainted with different methods of accounting
  • Sound understanding of basic accounting concepts and principles followed in various accounting procedures
  • Thorough hands-on practice in discharging functions associated with accounting management
  • Deep knowledge of different hedging tools and techniques


  • Strong analytical, mathematical and quantitative aptitude
  • Expertise in portfolio analysis, management and evaluation
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Good executive and coordination skills

Technical skills:

  • Ability to handle necessary software applications used for accounting procedures
  • Expertise in handling technical issues related to investment
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Excel and Word functions
  • Sound knowledge of GAAP, budget preparation and control, property tax filing and corporate documentation


Certified Strategic Account Manager (CSAM), KIM Management Academy, 2009

Professional experience:

Accounting Manager (Funds), BEU Industries Pvt. Ltd., 1678 Dogwood Lane
Tucson, AZ 8570; 2013- till date


  • Overseeing performance of financial operations according to organizational policies and procedures
  • Systematic calculation and management of risk exposure linked with different investment options
  • Ascertaining of adherence to accounting principles and practices
  • Emphasizing of timely management and documentation of various records involved
  • Management of key resources of the organization

Funds Accounting Manager, YG Industries Pvt. Ltd., 2775 Palmer Road
Westerville, OH 43081; 2010-2013


  • Following up of financial budgets and standards set by the organization
  • Portfolio valuation and evaluation based on a combination of securities and investment options available with the organization
  • Preparation of reports based on complex analytical financial data that will help in executing sound decision making for top level management
  • Maintenance of financial records and supplying of assistance in planning new ventures and project investments


  • Bachelor's Degree in Account Management and Administration, University of California, 2008
  • Professional training in Recent Developments in Accounting Management and Practices program, British Columbia Institute, 2010


Nominated for 'The Best Employee of the Year 2013' for efficiently coordinating all the tasks associated with the position, that resulted in significant increase in organizational profits


  • Affiliated to All-American Charitable Trust that works for social well-being of orphan children
  • Associated with DSB Health Care and Medical Fitness Club that functions for improving health consciousness and developing hygienic habits among its members

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