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Accounting Director Resume

Large organizations have a proper organizational structure, wherein the highest governing position of every department is that of either an executive officer or a director. Every department has a governing head, for example, the highest position of the accounts department of an organization is accounts director. The director of accounts works in coordination with the board of directors and other executive officers. A person working at the said position is someone with immense expertise and years of experience in the field of accounting.

In some organizations this person might also perform the functions of a finance manager, wherein he will have to plan the financial investments and budget for the organization. Years of experience and sound knowledge of accounting and finance bundled up together is required for one to be eligible to work at such a high position.

The knowledge of accounting but thorough knowledge of the latest financial market, investments, financial planning, budgeting, etc., is essential. A person with excellence in accounting along with thorough financial knowledge will prove to be the right choice for the said position.

Resume Example

Sean K. Ted
802 West Drive View
Lane# 15 Jes Apartments
Tampa, FL 33253
Ph: 883-129-8852

Career Objective:

Seeking a similar job profile to that of the Director of Accounts, wherein my expertise developed over a period of 15 years can be used to the best effect. Having developed the required skills and thorough knowledge, I am capable of handling the financial requirements of the organization independently. Willing to work with an organization that needs expert/consultant help to overcome the accounting crisis or excellent financial planning to gain success. Experience in handing finance and budget related tasks with extensive knowledge of GAAP and budgeting. Now looking forward for the role of accounting director in a well-established organization.

Career Summary:

With a total work experience of 15 years in finance and accounting, I am currently working as the Accounts Director of TBS Manufacturing Ltd. As the Accounts Director, I am responsible for managing the accounts and finance of the organization. In the capacity of an Accounts Director, I am equally responsible for both financial and accounting planning of the organization. Devising a financial plan and making sure that all the financial and accounting procedures are in sync with the same and working effectively is my key responsibility.

Summary of Skills:

  • Good at planning and budgeting
  • Excellent communication, coordination, and management skills
  • Intuitive skills that help in planning and foreseeing the risks and benefits
  • Thorough with the regulations of GAAP, SEC, GAAS, etc., governing the accounting procedures and practices
  • Well acquainted with all the accounting procedures, audits, etc., required to be followed by an organization
  • Good at logical and statistical analysis, researching and studying the financial trend of the market, etc., to help take sound decisions pertaining to accounts and finance

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: TBS Manufacturing Ltd., Tampa, Florida
(2009 - Till Date)
Designation: Accounts Director

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Monitor accounting procedures and practices of the organization
  • Bring in and introduce the management with latest procedures or improvements required
  • Monitor operations of accounts department, communicate and review the reports and discuss with accounts manager
  • Responsible for devising financial plans, budgets, and plans of actions to substantiate the same. Responsible for reviewing the operations to ensure that the actions are in sync with the plans put forth for the organization
  • Make sure that the accounting procedures are in place and everything is up-to-date with the required standards of audits
  • Help the organization get the best out of various tax benefits and plans available for the organizations

Previous Work Experiences:

A] GSM Manufacturing Services, Tampa,
Florida (2005 - 2009)
Designation: Assistant Director - Accounts

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Report to the director
  • Assist the director in devising accounting and financial plans
  • Implement and monitor the policies and procedures put forth by the director
  • Assure that all the records and reports comply with the requirements put forth by the director
  • Monitor the functioning of the accounts department
B] TXS Manufacturing Ltd., Tampa, Florida
(2002 - 2005)
Designation: Accounts Manager

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Monitor accounting procedures and practices
  • Responsible for preparing and coordinating with the auditors for accounts audits
  • Assist in financial planning and budgeting
C] SHS Manufacturing Ltd., Tampa, Florida
(1999 - 2002)
Designation: Assistant Manager Accounts (2001 - 2002)
Designation: Accounts Executive and Financial Planning Assistant (1999 - 2001)

Roles and Responsibilities:

Worked at an entry level position and mastered the basics of accounting, moving up to financial planning and management. Gained thorough expertise with auditing and accounting procedures pertaining to the regulations governing accounting operations. Proving my excellence and expertise at every step, I coped up to move up to a managerial position and managed the accounting procedures and practices of the organization.


  • Master of Business Administration with honors in Finance, St. Louis University, Tampa, Florida - 1998
  • Bachelor of Cost and Financial Accounting (CFA), St. Louis University, Tampa, Florida - 1996
  • Certified Professional Accountant - 1999

Computer Skills:

  • Proficiency in using various analytical tools and computerized accounting software


Looking for suitable opportunities in Florida and Massachusetts


Sean K. Ted

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