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An accountant is responsible for carrying out various tasks and functions associated with accounting. His primary work is to prepare yearly financial statements viz., trading, profit and loss account and balance sheet. Trading, profit and loss account show profitability statement, whereas balance sheet shows the financial position of an organization on a particular day. Some of the key functions that an accountant is expected to complete are as follows:

  • Preparing financial statements on an annual basis
  • Formulating cost accounting reports based on monthly audits and costs ascertained
  • Analyzing financial reports and establishing control measures based on reports
  • Discharging managerial and organizational functions
  • Executing documentation with respect to cost accounting and reports
  • Supervising accounting cycle procedure and seeing that all activities are carried out as per the policies
  • Coordinating various activities associated with accounting functions

Thus, an accountant needs to pay careful attention towards different costs and supervise the ledger and journal maintenance work and finally prepare financial statements so as to ascertain net financial result for the period.

While writing the resume, you should highlight your expertise in handling accounting functions, the skills required, and credentials necessary to discharge all the functions related to accounting.

Harry M. Copeland
1850 Nutter Street
Kansas City, MO 64063

Career Objective:

Looking for the post of an Accountant in an organization that provides an opportunity to use my talents and potentials and thereby, work towards the attainment of organizational objectives as a whole.


  • 5 years of extensive practice in managing accounts and clerical functions associated with the post
  • Well equipped with relevant knowledge required to carry out accounting functions
  • Familiar with recent trends and developments in the area of accounting
  • Able to manage semi-automated functions with regard to accounting


  • Expertise in database management and report preparation which effectively helps in decision-making
  • Sound knowledge of accounting concepts and principles linked with record keeping functions
  • Good communication and integration skills
  • Well equipped with finance knowledge and accounting rules and principles followed

Technical skills:

  • Proficient in Microsoft applications and accounting software operations
  • Aware of MS Excel functions required to be used for accounting activities and their management
  • Able to handle semi-automated tasks

Professional experience:

Senior Accountant, 2013 - till date
354 Stutler Lane,
Bloomburd, NM 74678;


  • Solving queries associated with organizational policies in relation to accounting
  • Ascertaining yearly profit and loss
  • Analyzing various records and preparing reports that facilitate decision-making
  • Providing support to tactical or middle level managers for effectively implementing organizational policies and procedures with regard to account keeping and management

Accountant clerk,
355, Peck Street, Manchester, NH 84766;
2009 - 2013


  • Discharging accounting functions and billing tasks
  • Handling various types of invoices
  • Performing auditing work and supervising accounting cycle operations
  • Preparing monthly reports and financial statements at the end of each accounting period
  • Developing budgets and establishing standards on the basis of historical data


  • Bachelor's Degree in Account Management from Institute of Management Accountants, Missouri, 2009
  • Attended a training program for refining accounting skills and learning different practices followed in account management, 2010


Self-motivated member of a club working for spreading social awareness and environmental preservation related issues

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