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A test driver is hired by a company, particularly a motorcar manufacturing one, where he test drives cars and automotives manufactured for recording their performance. A test driver performs a large number of functions such as checking of overall performance of the car, testing of gear and brake systems, acceleration and speed, analyzing the speedometer and other monitors and measuring gadgets on the dashboard.

Test drivers are hired by car and automotive manufacturing firms where test driving of each and every vehicle manufactured is done before distributing them in the market for consumers. An automotive test driver may be assigned to make reports on the performance of the car and stuff like brakes, acceleration, mileage, etc.

1. Cover Letter Sample (for Experienced)

Victor K. Bond
4548 Lyon Avenue
Rutland, MA 01543
Email address:
Telephone number: 4394 4982
Date: November 29th, 2013

Richard E. Mills
Human Resource Manager
Aston Royal Automobiles
2179 Lauren Drive
Hillsboro, WI 54634

Dear Mr. Mills,

I am writing this letter in response to the advertisement on your official website for a vacant post of a Test Driver in your firm. I am therefore sending you this letter along with my resume and reference letter for your review.

As you can see in my resume, I possess sufficient amount of professional experience in test driving and have been engaged in this profession for a period of 4 years. I have worked with a renowned auto company and was assigned to test drive their manufactured automobiles. I had to prepare a total on-road report of the vehicle that included engine performance and other aspects like gears, brakes, etc. I possess sufficient knowledge in test driving and I am aware of the various allied aspects of the field.

It will be of great pleasure for me to test drive Aston Royal cars and I am therefore looking forward to join your firm. Please contact me on the above mentioned contact details if you see me fit for the post.

Thanking you,

Victor K. Bond

Enclosures: Resume and reference letter.

2. Cover Letter Sample (for Fresher)

Jimmie J. Garza
919 Public Works Drive
Huntsville, TN 37756
Email address:
Contact number: 43895 43857
Date: October 27th, 2013

Louis L. Booth
Human Resource Manager
Hobbler Automobiles
3044 Carson Street
Danville, KY 40422

Dear Mr. Booth,

In response to the advertisement on the Times Classified for the vacancy of a Test Driver position in your firm, I am sending you this letter along with my resume for your review.

I possess great interest and passion for driving and checking of car quality and performance. As you can see in my resume that I possess no professional experience in the field but I am a quick learner, and with proper guidance and training I would be able to grasp the technicalities involved in test driving. I possess good expertise in driving different types of cars and I guess I will surely be a profitable asset for your firm.

I am looking forward to meet you in person and talk more about the responsibilities involved in the post. Thanking you for the time and concern for reading my letter and resume.

Yours sincerely,

Jimmie J. Garza

Enclosures: Resume and Reference Letters

We hope that the above two samples will surely help applicants in writing better car test driver resume cover letter that will be highly appreciated and approved by the employer and will turn the job allocation into a successful one.

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