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Tack Welder Resume Cover Letter

A sample cover letter for tack welder job.

Tack welding is a part of general engineering in which short intermittent welds are made to hold components in place. Thus, a tack welder fabricates and joins the required parts together and forms the needed structure. It mainly comprises of initial welding operations and creation of a basic metal form to work on.

The tack welder thus discharges tack welding and fitting operations. Some of the key duties which are performed by him include the following:

  • Determining the required materials and supplies to carry out given welding functions
  • Fabrication, fitting, joining, welding in relation to unit structures
  • Performing the operations as per specifications and checking conformance to the standards provided
  • Designing and implementation of the required structures to accomplish the given tasks
  • Supervising welding functions, testing quality conformance, and performing follow up activities

Thus, you have to focus your welding expertise, engineering skills and analytical abilities which would help to successfully accomplish the various duties associated with the post. It should also highlight your managerial skills, integration skills and ability to work in a team. Designing, quantitative, and welding skills would be the main focus while writing resume cover letter for the required position.

Sample resume cover letter: (for an Experienced Candidate)

Bobby I. Caldwell
560 Tyler Avenue
Miami, FL 33012
January 5, 2012

Timothy M. Wilhelm
The Recruitment Officer,
T&Y Construction Works Pvt. Ltd.
626 Valley Street
Camden, NJ 08102

Dear Mr. Timothy M. Wilhelm,

It is in connection with your advertisement in the daily California Times dated January 2, 2012 that I am sending this cover letter to apply for the position of a tack welder in your corporation. According to the given specifications, I qualify for the given position and wish to join your well admired organization.

With the completion of a graduation in 'Mechanical Engineering' I started my career as an assistant welder. This experience imparted me with the relevant practical experience in welding operations and helped me to know more about designing and modification operations. Successful completion of a designing software course helps me to design and have a proper follow up plan. Excellence in mathematical and analytical skills help me to accomplish the given blue prints and projects accurately in the most efficient manner.

Familiarity with the materials management techniques and advanced machine work would be an added advantage which would help to reduce the cost considerably. I have assisted in installation of boilers and necessary structures in the development of the new plant layout where my work was given due recognition.

Please find the attached resume and recommendation letter which would give an exact idea about my profile. Hope to receive a positive reply in this connection and thank you for considering my application for the position.

Yours sincerely,

Bobby I. Caldwell


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Sample resume cover letter: (for a Fresher)

Larry J. Lyman
1452 Carter Street
Carbondale, IL 62901
January 5, 2012

Ernest B. Lux
The Hiring Manager
PRN Engineering Works Ltd.
3947 Clinton Street
Hot Springs, AR 71901

Dear Mr. Ernest B. Lux,

It is in connection with your advertisement numbered YIR-46368 that I wish to apply for the vacancies relating to the post of tack welders in your corporation. As per given qualifications for the post, I qualify for the aforesaid vacancy and am sending this cover letter in connection with the same.

With the completion of my graduation with specialization in engineering, I assure you that I shall accomplish the duties in the best possible manner. As a part of completion of my engineering degree, I had assisted a tack welder which has since refined my practical knowledge about the work. This internship project would definitely help me to release the given tasks efficiently.

As a fresher I am seeking for an entry level position in engineering works and the vacancy offered by you would certainly help me to start my engineering career as a tack welder. Thus, I would be happy if you provide me opportunity to function as a part of your organization.

You can contact me at the given address if required. Hope you will consider my application positively. Look forward to have a personal interaction in this connection.

Thank you,

Yours sincerely,

(Signature) Larry J. Lyman


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Thus, a tack welding resume cover letter should highlight your mathematical, engineering and analytical skills with regard to general welding operations.

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