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A sample cover letter for photoengraver job.

A photoengraver performs the task of engraving with the help of photographic processing techniques. It consists of a list of various duties as a part of photoengraving processes such as developing negatives, preparing metal plates, drying and all associated functions. So, while writing resume cover letter for photoengraver, you have to concentrate on technical matters relating to photoengraving and knowledge of different processes.

The photoengraver resume should include the details about the objective, skills, academic performance and previous experience in the field. The resume cover letter would include details about the functions performed and the remarkable achievements which complement the job profile. The resume would give details about the key skills and job profile of the candidate; whereas cover letter focuses on the suitability of the candidate to the given job profile with focus on the key requirements of the job.

In this way, you have to send a resume cover letter for the photoengraver position in addition to your resume. It would definitely help to increase the chances of selection as it concentrates on your suitability to the post and explains your profile. Hence, while writing the photoengraver resume cover letter you can focus on your dedication to work and your professional experience in the given field.

Sample Resume Cover Letter: (for an Experienced Candidate)

Michael G. Berglund
3140 Jadewood Farms
Morristown, NJ 07960
December 30, 2011

Evan J. Burroughs
The Recruiting Agent
T&W Photo station Ltd.
2836 Essex Court
South Burlington, VT 05403

Dear Evan Burroughs,

This is in connection with the opening dated December 25, 2011 which was listed in the 'Daily California Times' and I hereby wish to apply for the given position.

With the recent advancement in the field of photoengraving there is focus on the use of software and automated functions; I would like to assure you about my technical expertise in performing such operations relating to advance photoengraving software applications. My expertise in the digital designs and latest techniques would help me to give the best effects with minimum cost involvement.

Familiarity with scanning, proofing, Photoshop, and such linked functions lead to the best outcome of technology in this field. My graduation degree in 'graphic designing' would help me to perform initial designs. Please find the attached resume and sample design photocopies which will give you a detailed idea about my work and expertise.

Hope for a favorable reply from you in this regard and look forward to you for a chance to have a personal interaction so that we can finalize the matters. Thank you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Michael G. Berglund


  • Resume
  • Photocopies of designs and

Sample Resume Cover Letter: (for a Fresher Candidate)
Alexander B. Chang
3635 Lowes Alley
Columbus, OH 43201
December 30, 2011

Jason J. Elliott
The Recruitment Officer
Aroma Graphics and Designs Ltd.
1746 Steve Hunt Road
Doral, FL 33166

Reference: Referred by Mr. David M. Herring, the Head of the Arts and Paintings Department in your organization.

Dear Mr. Elliott,

It is with reference to Mr. Herring who is heading the department of arts and paintings that I came to know about the opening of a photoengraver in your well established organization. I wish to apply for the given post and hence, am sending this cover letter along with my resume.

With a completion of graduation in 'Arts and Painting' and a diploma course in 'Designing and Etching' I started my career as an assistant to a photoengraver as a part of apprenticeship project. It imparted me with in depth knowledge about the engraving skills and designing. It helped me to refine my abilities, develop a practical sense, and critical thinking approach to problem solving. Please find the enclosed resume and copies of the designs which would help to give you an exact idea about my skills.

Hope for your favorable response in this regard and waiting eagerly to meet and have a personal interaction in connection with it. Thank you for your consideration.

Sincere regards,



  • Resume
  • Copies of designs and patterns

Photoengraver resume cover letter in this way should focus on your professional expertise in handling engraving processes and such linked functions.

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