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Optical Instrument Assembler Resume Cover Letter

A sample cover letter for optical instrument assembler job.

An optical instrument assembler performs the job of assembling optical instruments as per requirement or given specifications. He is responsible for carrying out various tasks linked with the job such as adjusting, cleaning, replacing, installing of optical instruments etc. Thus, he performs the work as per given specifications and provides utility functions linked with optical products formation. In this way he is in charge of carrying out structural and mechanical work associated with optical products and performs the job as per specifications given by the clients.

As a part of his daily routine functions he discharges the following tasks.

  • Assembling of different instruments as per given specifications
  • Measuring, cleaning, and replacing the optical instruments
  • Determining the kind of operations to be carried out so as to accomplish the given tasks
  • Testing and control functions in connection with instruments assembly
  • Polishing and finishing operations
  • Cutting, grinding, cleaning and a whole list of various functions involved in optical product making

In this way, in order to carry out all these functions effectively, he needs to have a strong mathematical base and comprehensive abilities. Good critical thinking, familiarity with control measures and practice in handling optical instrument assembly functions would definitely help you to accomplish the work efficiently.

You can also highlight your coordination, organization and integration skills which would be considered helpful in discharging duties as an optical instrument assembler.

Sample Resume Cover Letter: (for an Experienced Candidate)

Jonathan B. Thompson
621 Agriculture Lane
Morgantown, WV 26505
January 16, 2012

George R. Bell
The Human Resource Manager
T&E Opticals Ltd. 3364 West Drive
Chicago, IL 60610

Reference: Referred by Mr. Michael Rains, the General Manager of Ricky Optical Ltd.

Dear Mr. George Bell,

It is Mr. Michael Rains from whom I came to know about the position of optical instrument assembler in your company. With a wide ranging experience in providing optical instrument assembly services, I would like to take this opportunity to present my application for the same.

With a sound knowledge and expertise in handling issues linked with optical instrument assembly functions I have accomplished the tasks efficiently and assure you of my consistent performance in connection with it. With good measurement and control functions, I can provide high quality optical products. Excellent mathematical skills help me to strictly conform to the given specifications and avoid unnecessary delays and saves modification cost. You can refer to the enclosed resume to know more about my profile and contact me at the given address if required.

Anticipate your positive response in this connection and hope to meet you soon.

Thank you,

Sincere regards,


Jonathan B. Thompson


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Sample Resume Cover Letter: (for a Fresher)

Christopher S. Joiner
2437 Hummingbird Way
Hays, KS 67601
January 16, 2012

Raymond B. Shipley
The Hiring Manager
Thomas Opticians Inc.
4275 Reel Avenue
Farmington, NM 87402

Dear Mr. Raymond B. Shipley,

This is in connection with your advertisement dated January 12, 2012 stating the vacancies for optical instrument assembler position that I would like to apply for the same. As per the specified qualifications, I qualify for the given opening and am sending this letter to apply for the job.

My exceptional comprehension, analytical abilities, and sound mathematics base would surely help me to accomplish the given tasks efficiently and handle the duties in connection with assembly functions. Familiarity with the different machines, tools and techniques was brought on by the successful completion of a training program and internship at one of the well recognized institutes. This experience has developed my critical thinking aptitude and actual working environment exposure linked with the post.

I learned about the practical and application based measurements and control functions in connection with the given opening. This resulted in good integration skills and assembly functions supplementing the job. Please refer to the enclosed resume and recommendation letter to know more details about my profile. You can contact at the above mentioned address if required.

Hope that you would give me a chance to attend the personal interview round so that I can present my skills and talent in person.

Thank you,

Yours sincerely,


Christopher S. Joiner


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In this way, optical instrument assembler performs various functions linked with the assembly of optical products as per given specifications and requirements of the clients. This position requires good mathematical, technical and comprehensive abilities. Familiarity with the designing and control functions would also be helpful in discharging the duties efficiently. Hence, you should highlight such skills and proficiency in handling optical assembly functions.

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