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Operations Research Analyst Resume Cover Letter

A sample cover letter for operations research analyst job.

Operations research is a discipline which helps in systematic and scientific representation of a management problem and helps to get the best solution by analyzing the given problem in detail. Thus, operations research is closely associated with other mathematical and statistical sciences. It uses various principles and practices from various sciences and helps management in crucial decision making.

Use of advanced analytical techniques help to clarify the problem scientifically and it helps management in rational decision making. Mathematical and statistical modeling is done with the help of technology which facilitates clarification and a deep understanding of the particular issue.

So, while writing a resume cover letter for operations research analyst position, you have to focus on your credentials, professional expertise, knowledge about advanced mathematical and statistical tools and techniques.

You can use the following tips while writing resume cover letter.

  • It should be brief and clear stating your academic and professional experience in the field
  • It should include your expertise in handling advanced mathematical and statistical tools and techniques
  • Focus on your research and analytical abilities
  • Your acquaintance with solving simulation, probability and assignment problems
  • Familiarity with operational processes and presentation skills

Sample Resume Cover Letter No. 1

Joseph A. Baity
4324 Adams Avenue
Temple Hills, MD 20031
December 23, 2011

Joseph M. Chavers
4402 Hickory Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Dear Mr. Joseph M. Chavers,

It is with reference to the advertisement dated 20th December 2011 in 'The Daily California Times' that I would like to apply for the position of an operations research analyst in your organization.

I have completed my Master's degree in Operations Research and Management and am well acquainted with AutoCAD operations. Currently discharging the duties of an operations manager, that refined my knowledge about the use of different mathematical tools and techniques. The current profile has developed various insights and deepened my understanding of the subject matter. I have been functioning as an active member of the operations research society of America since 1980s. My project on 'Development of Advanced Mathematical Tools for Management Analysis' was selected for the National Research Conference held in Los Angeles. Please find the enclosed resume and copies of required experience certificates with it.

Hope for a positive response from you. You can contact the above mentioned address if required. Wish to know more about the vacancy.

Thank you,
Yours sincerely,
Joseph A. Baity


  • Resume
  • Certificates of experience and other necessary documents

Sample Resume Cover Letter No. 2

Jason S. Brown
4404 Meadow Drive
Oklahoma City, OK 73135
December 23, 2011

Bennie I. Easley
2948 Hog Camp Road
Chicago, IL 60605

Ref.: Referred by James A. Armstead Management Director Arabella Inc.

With reference to James A Armstead I came to know about the opening of an operational research analyst in your well esteemed organization.

Four years of experience as an operations research analyst has refined my practical knowledge about the area of research and operations. It has developed new insights into it and given me expert knowledge about the systematic analysis and technical problem solving with the use of advanced tools. Please find the attached documents and certificates which will give you additional information about my profile.

Hope you will consider my application positively. For additional information, you can contact me at the above mentioned address if required.

Thank you, Yours sincerely,Jason S. Brown


  • Resume
  • Certificates of experience
  • Appreciation certificate


You need to focus on your capabilities, professional expertise, and problem solving nature, knowledge of different mathematical and statistical techniques to quality for the position of operations research analyst. Your sound understanding and ability to carry out different operations in relation to process analysis will help to catch the employer's attention and will improve your chances of getting short listed. Thus, you can send such a resume cover letter in addition to your resume and increase your chances for the offer. Check out the best sample of director of operations resume related to this field.

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