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Applicants applying for the post of news paper delivery driver must know how to demonstrate his skills and expertise and construct a proper cover letter. Many applicants do not posses enough expertise when it comes to constructing a proper cover letter for a given post. Although cover letter involves letter writing which may sound easy but there are some rules and technicalities involved as cover letters are official letters.

Generally an ideal cover letter consists of 3 parts, an introduction where applicant introduces himself to the recipient and mentions the purpose of the letter, the second is the body where the applicant discusses about his professional experience, academic knowledge, and other important stuff, and the third part includes the conclusion.

Driver Cover Letter Example

Thomas M. Johnson
636 Red Dog Road
Charlotte, NC 28202
Email Address:
Telephone number: 424 149114

John J. Devore
Human Resource Executive
Gotham News Corporation
1519 Glory Road
Baxter, TN 38544

Dear Mr. Devore,

I am writing this letter in response to the advertisement that came up recently in The Daily Bugle for the vacant post of a news paper delivery driver in your firm. As a result I am sending you this letter along with my resume and reference letter for your review and approval.

I have been associated in the field of delivery driving professionally for the past 4 years. I have worked with 2 firms in the past and have learnt a lot of things associated with delivery driving. I was first associated with Louis Zee's Pizza as a delivery driver for a period of 1 year where I delivered pizzas and other food items to the customers. Then I switched to Milky Way Firm where I delivered milk from the factory to customers and retail shops. I possess great time management and work management skills along with good communication and behavior. I have good knowledge of the local city routes and I am well aware of the city traffic laws.

I am really looking forward to work as a news paper delivery driver and will be anxiously waiting for your response. Please feel free to contact me in the above mentioned contacts and let me know of your decision.

Thanking you for the time and concern for looking over my letter and resume.

Yours faithfully

Thomas M. Johnson

Enclosure: Resume

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