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A van driver works on vehicles used for shifting heavy materials. Some of the main tasks of a van driver are lifting goods from one spot, and placing them to their destination. He may have to travel a long distance while shifting these goods. Sometimes goods are so heavy that the driver has to tow them. For this purpose, a towing van is used. As the task of a van driver is included of a lot of responsibilities and hard work, he has to be a very good driver and dedicated towards his job.

Cover Letter (Sample 1)

Mike A. Griffin
3114 Bastin Drive
Allentown, PA 18109
Phone- 484-660-1046
Date- July 12, 2014

Robert A. Whitmore
Quick Movers
3324 Sheila Lane
Reno, NV 89501

Subject- Application for the position of a Van Driver

Dear Sir,

I came across your advertisement in the Sunday Times regarding the recruitment of a van driver in your company. I am sending my resume with this letter for your consideration.

I have worked as a heavy vehicle driver for four years and as a truck driver for two years before that. I have enclosed my experience letters with this application. Please have a look at them and let me know what you think about my application.

I have been praised for my skills and ability to handle pressure in unfavorable conditions, during my previous job spells. Also, I have not been responsible to any accident or misplacement in my tenure.

If I get a chance, I assure you full commitment and credibility from my side. I am also ready to work during the night hours and long shifts. I am looking forward to your reply; kindly let me know what you think about my application.

Yours sincerely,


Robert A. Whitmore


  1. Resume
  2. Experience letters
  3. Photocopy of license
  4. Identity proof

Cover Letter (Sample 2)

Larry M. Reese
1380 Garfield Road
St David, IL 61563
Phone- 309-668-3993
Date- September 28, 2011

Kevin K. Paine
Movers and Transporters
1948 Lamberts Branch Road
Miami, FL 33128

Subject- Application for the position of a Van Driver

Dear Sir,

I got to know about this vacant position of a van driver for your company from a friend of mine, when I had visited the city two days back.

I would like to apply for this job, as I am planning to move out of my current location, and apparently I find this job relevant to my aspirations. I have two years of experience as a van driver. I have all the documents required for a professional driver. In addition, I declare myself physically and mentally fit for this job. I understand the responsibilities imminent to this job, and I will try my best to satisfy the company authorities with my performance.

I would like to meet you for further discussions about this position. Please feel free to call me anytime on the contact information given above. Thank you for your consideration. Yours earnestly,


Larry M. Reese


  • Resume
  • Experience letters
  • Other certificates
  • Identity proof

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