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A sample cover letter for machinist job.
A machinist uses a variety of machine tools and carries out different processes on the metal and cuts them according to the measures or blueprints provided by the engineer. Thus, he provides metal tools or equipment as per the required specifications which are needed for production of the product on large scale operations. He should be skilled to perform the machining job. For completing his task accurately, he uses computerized digital machines. As the machines and technology show continuous advancement, he should focus his attention on learning new technology and getting new insight into things relating to his work.

Here is a list of some of the key functions relating to machining job.

  • A thorough knowledge of machining and ability to handle multi tasking functions
  • Well acquainted with different machining tools and equipment
  • Analytical ability to understand the designs or blueprints given by engineers in a well manner
  • Ability to simplify the things in order to plan the various processes relating to production function
  • Machine setting and support functions in relation to mass production or manufacturing processes

Thus, the machinist should have knowledge about the current developments in the field and be constantly in touch with the engineers for the provided specifications and blueprints. Thus, it requires high skills and expertise to perform the machinist's job. He should be expert in understanding mathematics, layout, and designs simplification etc.

Sample Resume Cover Letter No.1

John R. Woods
2383 Evergreen Lane
Alhambra, CA 91801
December 26, 2011

To: Scott H. Hunt
The Recruiting Manager,
ABC Industries ltd.
188 Lake Forest Drive
Mount Kisco, NY 10549

Dear Mr. Scott H. Hunt,

It is with reference to your advertisement dated December 22, 2011 in the Sunday Times; I would like to apply for the post of a machinist in your well established and renowned organization.

Currently I have been discharging the functions as an assistant machinist and handled various tools like lathes, milling machines, shapers, grinders etc. As an assistant I have handled computer numerically controlled programs which have refined my knowledge about handling semi-automated operations relating to designing and cutting functions as per given specifications in an exact and accurate manner. Blueprint reading and good mathematical capabilities will definitely work as an additional advantage for carrying out the functions efficiently. Please find the enclosed resume and necessary certificates.

Hope a positive reply from you and look forward to you for a chance to have a personal meeting in this regard. You can contact me at the above mentioned contact details if required.

Thank you,
Sincere regards
John R. Woods


  • Resume
  • Experience certificate
  • Certificate of recommendation

Sample Resume Cover Letter No. 2

Jon M. Franklin
70 Carriage Lane
Pottsville, PA 17901
December 26, 2011

To: David J. Kennedy
The Hiring Manager
Ribs Industries Pvt. Ltd.
1823 Meadow View Drive
Windsor, CT 06095

Ref: Marie J. Lamontagne, the Assistant General Manager, Finance Department, Ribs Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Dear Mr. David J. Kennedy,

It is from Miss Marie J. Lamontagne that I came to know about the aforesaid opening of a machinist in your company and I wish to register my application for it.

With a wide experience in handling the duties as a machinist I would like to apply for this vacancy and ensure you about my expertise in handling computer numerically controlled (CNC) operations. I have handled a number of machines and programs such as milling machines, grinders, blueprint reading etc. This on the job training has imparted me with the expertise in handling a variety of operations relating to machining. I have attended a training program associated with current use of technology and recent developments in the field. This in depth knowledge will definitely help me to improve my efficiency of operations and achievement of ultimate objectives. You can refer to the enclosed resume and certificates so that you will get an exact idea about my profile.

Expect a favorable response from you in this regard and wish to meet you for further details relating to the vacancy. Thank you for considering my application.

Sincere regards,

Jon M. Franklin


  • Resume
  • Experience certificate
  • Certificate of appreciation


The machinist deals with a series of different operations associated with machining work. It requires good training and skills to handle these tasks and hence, while writing a resume cover letter for the machinist position, you have to highlight your skills and expertise in handling advanced machines and technology, your keen interest in learning new technological inputs, professional experience etc. After writing the cover letter, format of cover letter should be topical to resume. Sample for writing machinist resume click here.

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