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Logging Superintendent Resume Cover Letter

A sample cover letter for logging superintendent job.

A logging superintendent supervises logging workers and performs function of coordination and organization of work linked with logging operations. This position requires strong managerial and administration skills to handle the responsibilities relating to the position.

His daily responsibilities include a list of various managerial and organizational tasks, which can be listed as follows.

  • Integrating forestry functions and accepting contract with regard to logging
  • Monitoring logging operations and providing assistance to logging workers
  • Establishment of safety and control measures and conformance to the environmental policies and practices
  • Determining the required changes and modifications in the operational procedures and plans
  • Communicating and designing of a required follow up plan
  • Provide required assistance to workers in order to ensure smooth functioning of logging operations

The above mentioned functions are some of the key functions performed by a logging superintendent. In addition to this, he also works for efficient coordination of various functions carried out in forestry.

Your resume cover letter should highlight your organizational and managerial tasks with respect to logging supervision and managing the work force, and your efficiency at coordination functions.

Sample resume cover letter 1:

Paul C. David
3562 Rodney Street
Moscow Mills, MO 63362
January 4, 2012

Marc T. Thomas
The Hiring Manager
Ribbs and Forestry Ltd.
2746 Chipmunk Lane
Portland, ME 04101

Dear Mr. Marc Thomas,

It is with reference to your advertisement in the weekly 'Sunday Times' that I wish to apply for the position of logging superintendent in your forest industries. I qualify for the candidature as per given specifications and am interested in your offer as a logging superintendent.

I have functioned as an assistant logging superintendent for 2 years where I performed the duties linked with the position and got acquainted with associated functions. With the strong coordination and organizational skills I discharged the duties in an efficient manner. With good leadership skills and talent I have been able to accomplish my work successfully with conformance to the given procedures. Knowledge of psychology would help me to understand the workforce and build strong positive relations.

Excellence in public relations management and organizational skills would be an added advantage. Knowledge about the required software applications would help me to accomplish the required documentation and maintenance functions effectively and efficiently.

Hope that you would consider my application positively. You can contact me at the given address if required.

Thank you,
Sincere regards,
Paul C. David


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Sample resume cover letter 2:

Wesley M. McNish
702 Lowes Alley
Laurelville, OH 43135
January 4, 2012

Raymond D. Martinez
The Human Resource Manager,
Arizona Forests Industries Ltd.
1178 Green Gate Lane
Baltimore, MD 21201

Dear Mr. Raymond Martinez,

This is in connection with your advertisement in the daily California Times that I am applying for the post of a logging superintendent and would enjoy being a part of your well established industries.

With the knowledge of various advanced developments in the field of forestry operations and familiarity with the procedures to be carried out in connection with documentation and registration would help me to accomplish my duties relating to the post. I am well acquainted with the orders follow up and involved review activities. Hence, I can assure you about my capabilities, observation skills and thereby successful accomplishment of the tasks.

Please find the enclosed resume for further details. You can contact me at the above mentioned address if required.

Hope you would give me a chance to present myself and have a personal interaction with you in this connection. Thank you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Wesley M. McNish


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The logging superintendent performs a list of various operations relating to supervision and management of logging workforce (workers) and establishment of safety and control measures. As a supervising authority he has to observe and solve the queries of workers. Thus, he performs managerial and organizational functions in connection with logging operations.

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