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Heavy Truck Driver Resume Cover Letter

A sample cover letter for heavy truck driver job.

A heavy truck driver is the transporter of numerous heavyweight goods and equipment to a short, as well as to the longest routes possible. Due to his work profile, a heavy truck driver has to work for long hours, day and night. Most of the times, he has to follow certain deadlines to complete his work. In addition, he has to keep a track record of the delivered goods. He is also responsible for maintaining his vehicle in good condition, during his assignment.

Thus a heavy truck driver resume cover letter is helpful to attract recruiter's attention, and brief him about one's capabilities as an eligible candidate.

Resume Cover Letter (Sample 1)

Robert F. Austin
2750 Harry Place
Charlotte, NC 28210
Phone- 704-733-4801
Date- March 16, 2014

Gary A. Marinez
Marinez Transports
108 Passaic Street
Newark, NJ 07102

Subject- Application for the position of a heavy truck driver

Dear Sir,

I came across your advertisement in the Newark Times recently, regarding a job opening for a heavy truck driver in your company. I am interested in this position, and I am sending my resume enclosed with this letter for your consideration.

I have worked as a driver for around 12 years now on various vehicles like trucks, trolleys and buses. I am a license holder for all these types of vehicles. In my total 12 years of career as a driver, I have worked on heavy vehicles for almost four years. I was associated with companies like, Good Movers Pvt. Ltd. and All America Transports Ltd. After working with these big companies, I went into driving for the office and school buses.

But as I came across your job requirement; I found it really good and appealing to my interest. I believe that I have good knowledge about the shipping and safety of the goods. I can also deal with a co-worker comfortably, and in a co-operative manner.

I am hoping to get this opportunity to work with your company, because I feel that I am a strong candidate with experience and understanding of this business. Awaiting your reply! Yours sincerely,


Robert F. Austin


  1. Resume
  2. Educational certificates
  3. Experience certificates
  4. Identity and address proof

Resume Cover Letter (Sample 2)

Kevin P. Issac
3754 Bagwell Avenue
Ocala, FL 34471
Phone- 352-732-9410
Date- May 30, 2014

Amelia S. Bell
The Easy Transporter Pvt. Ltd.
252 Dancing Dove Lane
New York, NY 10011

Subject- Application for the position of a heavy truck driver Dear Ms. Bell,

I saw your advertisement in yesterday's New York Times regarding the recruitment of drivers in bulk. I am willing to work as a heavy truck driver in your company; hence, I have enclosed my resume with this letter.

As I have mentioned in my resume, I have only six months of experience of heavy vehicles driving; but I am confident about managing this opportunity and work with proficiency. I have acquired all necessary certificates and licenses required for professional/commercial driving. I have worked on office and school buses most of the times, but I am more inclined towards truck driving. Also, looking at my small stint with the heavy vehicle driving, I am sure that I will not let you down with my performance.

I would be expecting that you will give a chance to a comparatively new candidate like me and bestow me the opportunity to make my career with your company. Thanks for your consideration!

Yours earnestly,


Kevin P. Issac


  1. Resume
  2. Educational certificates
  3. Other certificates
  4. Identity proof

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