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Hardware Assembler Resume Cover Letter

A sample cover letter for hardware assembler job.

A hardware assembler assembles the diverse parts together and creates a unique whole. It is his duty to bring all the parts together and attach them to the principal object which ensures completion of the product. It involves attaching locks, pulls, latches, hinges, metal pieces to the main product and ensures the highest efficiency or use of the finished product.

The hardware assembler performs the following tasks.

  • Attaching different parts to the main object and creating a finished product for final use or consumption
  • Assembling various parts or tools with the help of adhesive, screwdrivers, hand tools and creating finished wooden boxes
  • Handling conveyance facilities and performing semi-automated operations
  • Packaging of wooden boxes with the help of nails and screws
  • Observing safety measures and operational control, maintaining tools and equipment intact

The hardware assembler thus, performs the task of assembling various parts and creation of useful wooden boxes, containers or other finished products. While doing so he follows the required health and safety measures. You can draft a resume cover letter which will complement your resume and would help you to increase your prospects of getting selected for the interview round.

Sample Resume Cover Letter: (For an Experienced Candidate)

Bill T. Thornton
4219 Butternut Lane
Albion, IL 62806
December 28, 2011

Arthur E. Babin
The Recruiter,
H&Y Mfg. Industries Ltd.
2498 McVaney Road
Asheville, NC 28801

Dear Arthur Babin,

It is in response to your advertisement dated in the daily 'California Times' that I have applied for the position of hardware assembler in your enterprise. This cover letter would throw light on some of my experiences in the field and relevant achievements.

Currently I have been functioning as a hardware assembler, where I would be responsible for assembling various parts and put them into a unique whole. This job has helped me to gain knowledge of the key safety operations and handling issues associated with the post. My familiarity with conveyance operations, fitting, attaching, and packing would definitely help to improve my productivity as a hardware assembler. Please refer to the enclosed resume so that you will get the exact idea about my profile. You can call me at the given contact details if needed.

Hope for a positive response from you and I would like to meet you in person to learn more about the aforesaid opening. Look forward for further correspondence from you. Thank you for consideration.

Yours sincerely,

(Signature) Bill T. Thornton


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Sample Resume Cover Letter: (For a Fresher Candidate)

Charles L. Gonzalez
1381 Prospect Street
Camden, NJ 08102
December 28, 2011

To: Dale P. Goodman The Hiring Manager ABC Industries Pvt. Ltd. 820 Elkview Drive Fort Pierce, FL 34950

Ref: referred by Jeremiah E. Goldberg, the assistant manager, ABC Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Dear Mr. Dale,

With reference to Mr. Jeremiah Goldberg, I came to know about the vacancy of the hardware assembler in your organization. With this, I express my interest in the aforesaid opening and wish to apply for the same.

As a fresher I have current updated knowledge about the present scenario and well familiar with the duties relating to the post. With strong coordination and integration skills, I ensure you of the best quality services. A training program with regard to assembly operations and use of recent technological inputs has refined my knowledge about the field and has helped me to get acquainted with minute details. With the ability to handle work under pressure and good technical skills, I can manage all operations in an efficient manner. Please, refer to the enclosed resume for a detailed summary about my profile.

Anticipate a favorable response from you and I hope that you will give me an opportunity to present and speak for myself. You can contact me at the above mentioned address if required. Thank you for considering my application.

Sincere regards,

(Signature) Charles L. Gonzalez


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The hardware assembler concentrates on assembly of different parts with the help of various tools and techniques and helps to create finished products. Generally, he creates wooden boxes or doors with the help of attaching different hard wares to them such as locks, pulls, metal tools etc. It requires skills and expertise in assembly operations and hence, while writing resume cover letter, you should highlight these points.

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