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General Laborer Resume Cover Letter

A sample cover letter for general laborer job.

General laborers are mostly required for carrying out construction work. But they can also be hired for a variety of reasons or if the work to be done requires considerably low skills on the part of candidate. Thus, they help or provide necessary support activities to the skilled persons in the organization. In this way, they do not require much education base. It is the matter of practice or experience that they perform functions efficiently.

The general laborer resume cover letter in this way should focus round your expertise in handling a job as a laborer. The duties of the position depend on the kind of work he is expected to do. Following is the list of different tasks which are carried out by him generally.

  • Providing required help or support activities in relation to unskilled work involved in the particular job
  • Carrying out daily routine functions linked with physical work or movement of materials
  • Cleaning, lifting, providing maintenance facilities, loading and unloading of materials, tools handling, equipment handling, materials mixing, excavation, removing wastes etc.
  • Adjusting the different requirements of the construction sides and handling store functions
  • Receiving and dispatching of the materials as per customer specifications

Thus, he performs assistance in carrying out various operations and provides the services which require much less skills.

Sample Resume Cover Letter: (for an Experienced Candidate)

Donald A. Jones
1195 Virginia Street
Hickory Hills, IL 60457
January 16, 2012

Miguel L. Barnes
The Hiring Manager
ABC Construction House Ltd.
4819 Bungalow Road
Omaha, NE 68114

Reference: Referred by Mr. Michael C Harrison, the Ex-General Manager of one of the subsidiaries of ABC Industries Ltd.

Dear Mr. Miguel Barnes,

It is from Mr. Michael C. Harrison that I came to know about the vacancies of general laborers in your construction house. So, with a reasonable experience in providing construction related services, I wish to present my candidature for the above mentioned post.

As the completion of my schooling, I have started functioning as a worker and have gained practical exposure in discharging my duties as a general laborer. This experience has lent me with essential qualities required for accomplishment of the responsibilities relating to the post. I have worked on some construction sights and have handled a variety of jobs which have helped me to extend my strong practical sense.

With good abilities to work in a team I can assure you of the efficient services and required assistance in connection with construction job. With strong physical features I can work efficiently. Thus, with the experience at providing construction work and maintenance job, I can assure you of quality services. Please refer to the enclosed resume. You can also contact me at the given contact details.

Hope to meet you soon in this concern and thank you for considering my application for the post.

Sincere regards,


Donald A. Jones


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Sample Resume Cover Letter: (for a Fresher)

John T. Perkins
2419 Pineview Drive
Mankato, MN 56001
January 16, 2012

Randy A. Lemelle
The Recruitment Officer
P&R Constructions Industries Ltd.
2546 Benedum Drive
Nyack, NY 10960

Dear Mr. Randy Lemelle,

It is with reference to your advertisement (numbered TN 956) in the Daily California Times dated January 12, 2012 that I would like to apply for the post of general laborer in your corporation. As per the specified criteria, I am eligible for the vacancy and am sending this to apply for the given job.

I have assisted one of the construction builders and hence, got acquainted with the different tasks to be performed as a part of daily job routine. This part time experience would be enough to accomplish the work. My strong physical attributes and abilities to work in a group would surely help me to effectively coordinate with all other workers at the sites and learn other functions in a quick manner. Knowledge in connection with designing would be helpful for this. I can handle store department functions as well. Please go through the enclosed resume. If necessary you can contact at the given correspondence address.

Look forward to have a personal interaction in this concern.

Sincere regards,


John T. Perkins


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Thus, general laborer resume cover letter should focus your strong physical skills and experience in dealing with different activities or multi-tasking. Also check out a construction laborer resume sample for more resume tips.

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