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A dental hygienist cover letter focuses on a candidate's ability to implement various oral care techniques to promote oral hygiene and health of the patients. The letter should also highlight a candidate's knowledge in the preventive measures that help the patients to maintain good oral health. It should clearly put forth a oral health practitioner's ability to provide clinical, academic, and therapeutic services to patients, aimed at enhancing and ensuring their oral health. The oral hygienist needs to have knowledge pertaining to various dental care procedures such as prophylaxis, scaling, root planning, dental sealant etc to detect and treat gum diseases and tooth decay and ensure the prevention of their reoccurrence.

The cover letter should showcase your knowledge in cleaning of teeth and gums and the treatment of plaque and tartar. It should also portray your familiarity with the treatment of tooth decay and periodontal disease. Besides highlighting your skills in dental hygiene, you should also shed some light over your knowledge in nutrition planning and counseling, which is one another important duty of an oral hygienist.

Remember to be brief and precise while mentioning your professional background in a dental hygienist cover letter. It is advised that you mention that you acquired your skills and abilities through education and experience, just to show an evident connection between your professional qualities and your career line so far.

Sample Cover Letter

Samantha C. Horst
1061 Hamill Avenue
Del Mar, CA 92014
(858) 350-1656

Matilde Tondreau
Dentistry Practioner
Modesto Dental Care
414 Freedom Lane
Stockton, CA 95202

Ref: Referred by Dr. Crystal Lund, Dentistry Practitioner, Madera Oral Care Centre, CA

Dear Dr. Tondreau,

I came to know about the job vacancy within your clinic through my mentor Dr. Crystal Lund, who happens to be your former colleague. I am pleased to present you my application for the position of a Dental Hygienist within your renowned clinic. I have completed a two year degree course in the field of dental hygiene, from the University of California in August 2009. Following my education, I chose to participate in a 12 months internship program offered by Madera Oral Care Centre, that I completed in November 2010.

My education and experience as an intern have helped me incorporate deep knowledge pertaining to the techniques and practices of oral hygiene. Throughout my internship, I have been involved in the treatment of tooth decay, plaque, tartar, and oral cancer, under the guidance of Dr. Crystal Lund, through which I have developed a deep understanding in various aspects of oral care such as oral anatomy, head and neck anatomy, period ontology, radiography, pharmacology, pathology, dental hygiene, advanced dental sciences, materials science, microbiology, and nutrition.

I am also efficient in taking and developing radiographs and oral impressions, removing plaque and calculus from teeth and suggesting preventive measures, and planning nutritional diet to enhance the patients' oral and overall health. Besides, I have also developed essential clinical and administrative skills that are bound to facilitate me in providing a high quality of oral hygiene treatment service to the patients. I also possess excellent interpersonal skills, which will help me interact with patients to instruct and motivate them.

I have enclosed my resume herewith. I hope you consider my application favorably and provide me with an opportunity to work along with you, constantly developing my skills and abilities to attain excellence within the field of oral hygiene.

Thank you.


Samantha Horst

Enclosure: Resume

While referring to the above example of the cover letter, remember to customize its contents before you draft your own cover letter. Carefully study its layout that'll give you a clear idea on the presentation of your skills and knowledge. Candidates applying for this post can get here one of the best resume sample.

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