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A corporate pilot resume cover letter is written to apply for an exciting and challenging career of a pilot. A corporate pilot is associated with the corporate companies, or works for an individual corporate member. He is required to be an expert in flying all types of professional aircrafts. A corporate pilot needs to complete the specific duration of aircraft flying hours, assigned to them, before being eligible for the high standard flying experience. Corporate pilots have to be ready to work at irregular hours, and going long distances.

Cover Letter (Sample 1)

Junior V. Contreras
1086 Sharon Lane
Elkhart, IN 46514
Phone- 574-262-8568
E-mail -
Date- March 23, 2014

John S. O'Sullivan
Recruitment Manager
Robinson Corporation
2720 Hill Street
Maumee, OH 43537

Subject- Application for the position of a corporate pilot

Dear Mr. O'Sullivan,

In response to your recent advertisement in the Maumee Times, please accept this letter of application for the position of a Corporate Jet Pilot in your company. Kindly have a look at the enclosed resume.

As you have requested in the advertisement, I am providing my flight hours details in the resume enclosed with this application. I have completed 2078 hours of flight, and that too with no mechanical errors from my side. In my experience of 2078 hours; I have worked as the main pilot most of the times.

I am confident that my dedication towards the job and readiness to work during unusual hours makes me a strong applicant for this position. I would be glad if you choose me to work with your company. Awaiting your reply!

Tours earnestly,


Junior V. Contreras


  1. Resume
  2. Experience certificate
  3. Other certificates
  4. Identity proof
  5. Photocopy of the pilot license

Cover Letter (Sample 2)
Richard E. Mutchler
1619 Clarence Court
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Phone- 909-998-9105
Date- October 28, 2013

Shirley J. Bazan
HR Manager
Queenfisher Airways
3237 Eagle Drive
Southfield, MI 48075

Subject- Application for the position of a corporate pilot

Dear Mr. Bazan,

I spotted your advertisement, regarding the vacancy of a commercial pilot, in the magazine Flying Life. I would love to be associated with the Queenfisher Airways, as I am a qualified and license-holding commercial pilot.

Education-wise, I have a degree in Aviation, and I have also completed my training course for a corporate pilot. Whereas, professionally I have completed the required flight hours as a commercial pilot (2957 hours).

Currently I am working with Speed Airlines as a Corporate Pilot for their clients' foreign tours. I have even received the recognition certificate as a skilled pilot from my company, as I have handled 1-2 emergency situations quite confidently.

I would be looking forward to the opportunity to discuss my credentials with you at your convenient time. Please feel free to call me anytime.

Yours sincerely,


Richard E. Mutchler


  1. Resume
  2. Flight hours experience letter
  3. Other certificates
  4. Identity proof
  5. Address proof

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