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An Administrative Assistant cover letter must be written tactfully and submitted along with the resume, so as to provide a strong base for applicants applying for this post. Applicant must present the letter that reflects his personality in a better sense and explains his resume in a literal way. While writing a cover letter applicants must follow certain techniques and pattern so as to make the letter look more appealing and catchy to the recruiter. Applicants need to follow a certain format first and write the letter in a sequence providing details of their personal, academic and occupational aspects.

Applicants who have job experience, must provide details about their previous work along with their academic details and fresher applicants need to put greater emphasis on their academic and personal aspects that qualify them for the post.

Cover letter Sample for applicants with experience

Peter Andrews
223 Macmillan Avenue, Bridgestone
Loss Angeles, California 2223 23232
Contact no: 22223 12323

October 20th 2013

Mr. Fredrick Hansel
Human Resource Manager
GCLC Solutions
234 Pushkin Avenue, Saint Louis
Loss Angeles, California

Dear Mr. Hansel

I am writing this letter in response to the advertisement that appeared recently in the Loss Angeles Times Classifieds regarding the vacancy of an Administrative Assistant post in your firm. I am therefore sending you this letter along with resume and a reference letter for your review.

I am presently employed in CMC Communications and Networking Group as an Administrative Supervisor and have been employed here since May 2010. I perform all kinds of functions that include maintaining of individual records and performances, development and implementation of new administrative policies, proper communication between employees with the higher bodies, maintaining of proper work environment and provision of facilities, fulfilling of demands of the employees and solving of various other administrative issues.

I completed my graduation from California University in finance followed by my Masters in Business Administration from the same. I'm highly proficient with computers and have good communication and employee interaction skills.

I hope that the above mentioned aspects would suitably impress you and I will be highly honored to join your company for the above mentioned post. So I am looking forward to meet you in person for my personal interview and discussion more about your firm. Thanking you for the time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Andrews

Enclosures: Resume, reference letter, academic certificates

Cover letter example for freshers

Joe Schindler
12 Mark Followers Street, Saint Petersburg
Miami, Florida 2343 434
Contact no: 234 234242

October 20th 2013

Ms. Helena Parker
Head Recruiter and HR Manager
MBM Internationals
23rd Floor, CLS Towers, Golden Gate Square
Miami, Florida

Dear Ms. Parker

I am writing this letter in response to the advertisement that appeared in the local classified recently about the vacant post of an administrative assistant in your firm.

I have completed my schooling from Saint Howard International School Miami as a full timer. After completion of high schools I did my graduation in economics from Miami University and afterwards pursued my post graduation in Business Economics from the same. I also achieved a diploma degree in Social Science and Humanities from MU.

I possess excellent communication and networking skills. I am also highly skilled with various software programs and official computer applications. I believe in hard work and punctuality and making good cordial relations with other individuals.

I will highly appreciate the fact if you allow me to walk down to your firm for a face to face meet up and for interviewing me personally. Thanking you for your time and consideration. I have attached my resume and academic reports for your review.

Yours faithfully,

Joe Schindler

Enclosure: Resume

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