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An able seaman cover letter is a brief description about an applicant's potential to carry out the duties of the role he is applying for. An able seaman works on a commercial ship. The position of an able seaman is one step higher than an ordinary seaman. Many times, an ordinary seaman gets upgraded to an Able Seaman. An able seaman performs all day to day activities on a boat, that are required to keep it running and perform in a good way. He works in departments like, equipment handling, maintenance and navigation of the ship.

Cover Letter (Sample 1)

Albert J. Seymour
670 Friendship Lane
Oakland, CA 94612
Phone- 408-692-0819
Date- September 21, 2013

Joseph B. Lambert
General Manager
Modern Shipping, Inc.
2054 Sycamore Fork Road
Eden Prairie, MN 55344

Subject- Application for the position of an Able Seaman

Dear Sir,

I came across your advertisement in the Marine Times regarding the availability of a vacant job post for an Able Seaman. I want to apply for this position, as I have completed the required duration as an ordinary seaman so that I can apply for the position of an Able Seaman.

I have been working with "Day and Night Ships" for past three years as a seaman. Before that, I worked for a national shipping company for more than one year. Please have a look at the enclosed documents for reference. I have taken formal training of a seaman prior to starting work. I am capable of doing all the activities required to be executed by an Able Seaman. I am very well trained in equipment handling and navigation.

I thoroughly enjoy the idea of working on a ship, and hence I am ready to work even on a supply ship or on a cruise. I am a hard working person and a quick learner. I will prove myself as an asset, if I get selected to work with Modern Shipping.

Thanks for considering my application.

Yours earnestly,


Albert J. Seymour

Enclosures -

  1. Resume
  2. Experience certificate
  3. Other certificates
  4. Identity proof

Cover Letter (Sample 2)

Mckinley T. Jones
41 Burnside Avenue
Kanab, UT 84741
Phone- 435-644-9215
Date- August 24, 2014

Robert K. Neal
Roman Holidays Tours
1144 O Conner Street
Pascagoula, MS 39567

Subject- Application for the post of an Able Seaman Dear Mr. Neal,

I got to know about the vacancy for an Able Seaman in your company from a friend of mine, Albert Mac, who works in your company as a Deck Attendant. I have experience of one and a half years working as an Able Seaman with "Star Line Cruises."

I am a proficient seaman with adaptability to all kinds of situations and works. As an Able Seaman, I am responsible for a whole team of seamen assigned for ship maintenance, at my current job. Therefore with my experience and skills; I feel that I am one of the most eligible candidates for this position in your company.

I am looking forward to work with your company, and on your cruises. I am hoping that if I get selected for this position, it would be a very knowledgeable experience to work with experts like you.

Please call me on the above contact details for further conversation about this position. Thanking you!

Yours sincerely,


Mckinley T. Jones


  1. Resume
  2. Experience letter
  3. Other certificates
  4. Identity proof

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