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Privacy Policy

We never compromise with the privacy of our visitors. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. Read our privacy policy page to know more about this.

Privacy Policy:

We assure you that your privacy will never be compromised with. Firstly, we do not collect any confidential information and in some cases where you share your information, we assure complete privacy to you. We will never misuse any identifying information like your name, email address, etc. you give us and never pass on this information to any third party.

Any time a visitor visits our website, we never collect any information, regarding the visitor's location, domain, route, etc. we only verify the IP address of the visitor's system and use it for internal purposes. This IP address is also not shared with anyone. We only use this IP address to keep a track of unique visitors for the website.

If you sign up for any free service regarding receiving informative or advertisement related email from or sponsors or company, you might get such emails on your personal email address. You can however, stop this service as per your wish. This is true only in case of providing your email address explicitly, and not through double opt-in.

Third Party Advertising:

We use Burst Media, Casale Media, Buds Inc, Google, RealCastMedia, Commission Junction, MaxWorldwide and other third-party advertising companies to provide ads on our website. These companies use only the information about the number of time a visitor visits our website, and does not take up any other information like name, address, email address or telephone number of the visitor. The advertising companies need this information to place relevant ads on the website, so that you get to know about goods and services that might be of some relevance to you.

Third Party Cookies:

While placing advertisements on the website, our third-party advertiser may place or recognize a unique 'cookie' on your browser. The third party advertiser might use this cookie to track your website navigation and targeting. Google Inc. and other affiliated companies make use of cookies to place and control the advertisements on the website. Google uses these cookies to display ads based on the number of visits to this website and any other websites using the advertisement services of Google. Any tracking and mechanism of cookies done by Google is subject to the privacy policy of Google.

Google advertising:

Double Click Dart cookie is used while placing and displaying ads via AdSense by Google. When a visitor clicks on these ads, a cookie is dropped at the browser on the users end. Ad sense will use the data gathered by these cookies to help the publisher manage ads on the website and across the web. You can opt for not using the Dart cookie service by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy. For any further issues related to the privacy policy, feel free to contact us.

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