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Security and Uniformed Services Career Guide

Security and Uniformed Services Career Guide

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Security and Uniformed services career guide can help as well as assist you in to determine whether a career in defense services and the like is suitable for you. These kind of security duties and uniformed services are usually required in police, military, naval and also in other kinds of fields.

Security forces and officers are mainly responsible for sustaining the safety and protection of the civilians, general property, certain important monuments, thefts through guarding and surveillance and even preventing the break in through important precautionary measures. In addition, the security and uniformed services are expected to deal with varied kinds of circumstances and unforeseen events that take place. Even the uniformed services have to follow stringent duties, procedures and therefore, they should ensure combat capability through the functions of installation security, nuclear and conventional weapon systems and resources security, air base defense, law enforcement, information security, military working dog activities, and combat arms training and maintenance. In addition, even security forces participate in contingency operations.

In security and uniformed services there are over 750 job profiles and therefore, it is important to know well about your particular and appropriate field. In addition, these individuals have to serve in different kinds of environments, making sure that the business, properties and important valuables are secured from any kind of harm. The complete role of security personnel depends on the nature of the premises that is being protected.


The security and uniformed personnel basically begin their career on a wage of $ 12000 and $ 15000 annually. However, this could even exceed to an average up to $ 20000 and above if the candidate is well experienced. In addition, even the wages can boost up till $ 40000 depending on the seniority and principal of security roles.


Generally, the main responsibilities of the security and uniformed personnel differs from day to day conditions and situations. In short they have to be alert and extremely responsive towards any kinds of circumstances or situations. The main responsibilities are as follows:

  • Handle the patrolling in different premises of sub sectional divisions
  • Managing the car parking portions
  • Recording any type of apprehensive and distrustful activities as well as taking essential actions
  • Managing the guard dogs
  • Helping the fellow security and uniformed personnel
  • Helping the intelligence officers in providing protection to the needed officers or civilians
  • Supporting the federal investigating agencies in networking and communication systems
  • Assessing and handling the major an minor threats to national security


The security and uniformed services need not require any particular qualifications. The individual from any kind of stream can be a part of these services, equipped with some knowledge and specific kind of training. Reasonably, they should have the capacity of quick thinking as well as they should have the ability to solve any kind of cases or problems as they arise. In addition, the candidate should have better understanding towards surveillance and have certain kind of professional training. Such kind of training should mainly be classroom as well as practical i.e. on field based training with the assistance of specialized equipment.

Skills and Knowledge:

The security and uniformed services should entail varied types of abilities and qualities. These key skills are as follows:

  • Maintain personal integrity, truthfulness, sincerity and good judgment
  • Flexible in dealing as well as approaching towards assigned duties
  • Ability to take any kind of on time, prompt and particular decisions
  • Possess excellent communicational abilities
  • Efficient in handling different kinds of situations or circumstances even in stressful conditions
  • Good knowledge and understanding to deal with criminals and help the civilians
  • Skillful in handling different kinds of technical instruments


The candidates can apply in this field, even if they hold a qualification from a totally unrelated domain. In short no prior experience is essential, but if experienced it is very useful in gaining the job. In addition, working for uniformed division like military, naval, air force, etc. requires certain kind of experience and this can be a plus point if you have any prior work history. Therefore some experience would prove extremely helpful and beneficial in gaining hold over focused and specified field.

Career Progression:

Commonly, the security and uniformed services are given timely training and this helps them in gaining experience and required knowledge and skills for the post. Some of the candidates are offered with additional training opportunities and therefore, this leads to further experience and competency in the particular job. In addition, the basic knowledge and skills will help you to progress and proceed in this field.

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