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Performing arts, broadcasting and media form the leading industries that provide great career prospects for skillful, deserving candidates. In this page, we will shed some light on career opportunities in these areas. You can use this page as your career guide for performing arts, broadcasting and media.

Performing Arts

Performing arts is one great industry to be a part of, not because you get a chance to see or work with celebrities or wannabe, but because you will be paid for doing what you like the most. And good amount of money that is. So, if you are in the process of rediscovering your creative self, then you might want to consider a career in performing arts. The term performing arts relates to any performance on stage or on screen, ranging from acting, dancing, modeling, to performing or hosting a comedy show. This is the place for aspiring musicians who have the will to reach out and embrace the random and express their true self by means of their music.

Here, since you are pursuing your interests, your inner desires, you don't need to apply any force externally in order to work hard. The force comes from within naturally and you being an artist should be willing to hold on to those desires emanating from deep within yourself, for it will be the only thing to get you closer to your goal. Your passion for arts will be the tool to help you shatter the hurdles that come in the way between you and your goal.

Performing arts is undoubtedly fun to pursue, but this should not get you deviated from your attention and seriousness towards your inner interests. Performing arts courses provide you with the perfect platform you need in order to widen your knowledge and develop your skills in areas like acting, dancing, music, etc., thereby preparing you for going live.

There is no need to mention the career opportunities in this sector as it is apparent that a good performer always gets the desired attention although he might not be looking for fame.


Broadcasting is all about audio, visual or audio-visual programming promulgated to all radio and television receivers. These days content is broad casted by means of web media, but here, we are only looking into radio and television broadcasting.

Like all other entertainment sectors, you will only be guaranteed growth in this field if you are able to entertain the masses no matter what the content is about. We all know that there are plenty of hopeless television shows that tend to create enough of an impact on people's minds to somehow or the other keep their eyes glued on to the TV. You need to make sure you master this art of attracting the audience.

We do realize that there are hundreds of people working behind the scenes, working in areas like broadcast segments, broadcasting scripts and camera operation. There are also make-up artists who do the job of fine tuning the broadcasters' looks in order to make them presentable to the public.

Work environment in this field might be quite busy most of the time and you may be required to work extra hours and spend a considerable amount of time away from home. To pursue your career in broadcasting, you need to be willing to work for less amount of salary and often, for free too. Unpaid internships are considered to be a great way to get into this field as we find that competition in this sector of entertainment is getting denser day by day. And due to this fact, it is believed that networking letters will be of great use here. In spite of these limitations, people tend to find the work environment enthusiastic and motivating, thereby ensuring job satisfaction.

Although there are courses available for broadcasting, it is not mandatory for you to have studied broadcasting from a particular institution in order to work in this field. All you need to do is build your portfolio with your mock projects or ideas presented clearly.


Career in media is certainly a great option to choose as we all know the significance of media as an industry in today's market. You will find several universities offering certified courses on mass media and journalism which are normally recognized nationwide. These courses are sure to get you the job you envision, as long as you throw in your hard work. All media such as books, websites, magazines, newspapers, radio and televisions are effective modes of public communication. There is abundance of jobs as well as career growth in media for qualified candidates.

Working in media has its advantages; you are exposed to knowledge and continuous learning which definitely helps you in career growth and stability in the field. You need to possess excellent communication skills to survive and grow in this industry, which you gradually develop while studying. This is purely a talent-based sector where your writing and other communication skills play an important part in your professional growth.

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