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Recycling Officer Careers

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Work Environment:

Being a recycling officer, you'll be liable for scheming and formulating regional ecological and waste decrement strategies, and executing recycling plans.

Your tasks may consist of:

  • handling financial plans and bidding for backing
  • counseling regional communities on environmental matters, recycling and waste decrement
  • maintaining updated with present laws and practice

  • employing and coaching volunteers
  • formulating policies
  • evaluating tenders and administrating contracts
  • creating and initiating new recycling-plans
  • supervising and stating on how frequently recycling-services are utilized
  • encouraging recycling to the media and regional community
  • handling regional recycling amenities and collection-services
In several works you may merge recycling and waste-management processes, while in others you'll merely concentrate on recycling.

Qualification, Education and Experience:

A few employers/companies may desire you to include degree into environmental-sciences or waste-management or HNC by BTEC, although this is not necessary if you encompass applicable experience, such as:

  • a supervisor or technician within the waste-management business
  • a salaried employee or volunteer into environmental or recycling assignments
You can get a list of degree courses acknowledged by the CIWM: Chartered Institute of Wastes-Management at their website. For degree course admission details confirm with universities or colleges.

To discover additional details regarding work-experience openings within your sector, contact your regional committee's recycling officer or regional recycling-group.

If you contain any preceding experience into waste-management business or recycling ventures, you'll discover it to be helpful to encompass appropriate NVQ qualifications like:

  • Second and Third level into Waste-Management Operations
  • First and Second levels into Recycling-Operations
For further details about NVQs, visit the websites of 'Energy and Utility-Skills' and the 'WAMITAB: Waste-Management Industry Training and Advisory-Board'.

Training Details:

You'll generally improve your abilities and skills at work, and may furthermore acquire a few official training schemes or occupational qualifications, like:

  • WRAP (Waste and Resources Action-Program) Recycling-Manager's Training Scheme: - a sequence of short training courses for recycling officers with as a minimum experience of 3 years.
  • Operator-Competence Program by WAMITAB and CIWM
  • SET (Structured-Education and Training) Program recognized by CIWM:- for fresh graduates to achieve practical-skills with their initial job
  • Third and Fourth level of NVQ into Management of Recycling-Operations
  • Fourth level of NVQ into Waste-Management Operations
By experience, you can furthermore decide to acquire qualification at postgraduate level into environmental-engineering, waste-management, or sustainable waste-management.

It might assist your vocation to enroll with the CIWM and function to acquire status of Chartered Waste-Manager. Check the website of CIWM for additional information.

Skills and knowledge:

  • the capability to priorities, arrange and meet up targets
  • a passion and concern for environment
  • outstanding presentation abilities
  • report-writing proficiency
  • leadership and administration skill
  • financial-plan understanding
  • excellent communication and 'interpersonal-skills'
  • the capability to translate and scrutinize statistics

Salary and Other Benefits:

  • Remuneration of recycling officer can be around £20,000 to £29,000 for a year.
  • Experienced senior-managers can receive about £46,000 annually.

Working Conditions:

Typically, you'll work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., on weekdays. You might have to effort for adaptable or extended hours if you're introducing new plans, handling promotion proceedings, or managing evening-meetings.

You'll be working indoors within offices, and in addition allocate time voyaging from your regional sector to be present at meetings, and give visits to recycling locations.

Different Opportunities:

You can find job openings with environmental charitable-trusts, regional establishment, community recycling-groups, or waste and recycling service providers.

Employment vacancies are publicized by the regional and nationwide newspapers, recruitment organizations, commercial publications/journals, and by website of regional establishment.

By means of experience, you can advance to superior or managerial position. You can also proceed to environmental project-management, waste-management or can work as an environmental consultant on freelance basis.


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