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Work Environment:

Being a cartographer, you'll generate maps and other in depth geographical diagrams, graphs and surveys. This data can be utilized in numerous modes, for instance, specific charts utilized by military, surveying or companies, or maps for general use.

Based on your work, you may upgrade current maps, or produce new charts or maps of unexplored areas. You'll employ the newest ultra-modern technology, machinery and methods to gather geographical data, and to translate the information into graphs and visual-pictures.

Your job could consist of:

  • executing marine: hydrographic and land: topographic study
  • utilizing GIS: Geographical Information-Systems to represent and examine aspects of landscape
  • accumulating and scrutinizing information from distant satellites, transmitters and other resources
  • exercising digital-photogram metric technology to scheme the locations and heights of geographical aspects from satellite pictures
  • examining that charts and maps are as per scale and correct
  • generating and revising maps, e.g. inserting scales, signs, symbols and colors
  • utilizing desktop-publishing and other computer-software
  • functioning intimately with designers and surveyors
Through experience, you may also administer projects and employees.

Qualification, Education and Experience:

For working as a cartographer, you'll generally necessitate a degree with 1 subject from the subjects which are given below:

  • urban and land-studies
  • mapping and surveying science
  • topographic-science
  • geography
  • earth-sciences
  • GIS: Geographical Information-Systems
These topics normally contain mapping as segment of the degree course. And some additional degree-subjects which can be helpful are computing, surveying, oceanography, or civil engineering.

To get the job in the particular fields of cartography like remote-sensing, you can amplify your opportunities by acquiring qualification at postgraduate level with GIS or mapping associated topic.

Confirm with universities or colleges for accurate course admission particulars. You can get a list of degrees courses which are associated with cartography on the website of British-Cartographic Society.

Training Details:

You'll be taught at the work in various expert surveying methods and computer software-packages. Bigger employers such as government divisions execute planned training programs which can be of 6 months to 2 years.

You can also acquire short training courses with subjects such as map-design, photogram metric, digital-mapping and GIS. 'The Remote-Sensing and Photogrammetry Society' and some universities provide different helpful short training courses. You can advance in your profession by obtaining a Masters qualification in related subject. Your company/employer might offer backing for postgraduate qualification.

Visit the website of 'British-Cartographic Society' for information of networking and membership chances.

Skills and knowledge:

  • a higher standard of precision and awareness to particulars
  • endurance
  • fine spatial perception
  • superb numerical and computer proficiency
  • an analytical conduct
  • passion and concern for environment and geography
  • designing abilities
  • the capability to scrutinize data from various resources

Salary and Other Benefits:

  • Beginning remunerations of cartographers are about £19,000 to £25,000 for a year.
  • By means of experience, income can range between £31,000 and £46,000 annually.

Working Conditions:

You'll work for 9am to 6 p.m., on weekdays. Occasionally, you might have to effort for extensive hours to meet up target for completing an assignment or publication.

You'll be working indoors within offices and employ most of the time operating with computer software and technology.

Different Opportunities:

The government is major recruiters of cartographers, within divisions counting Transport, Ordnance-Survey, and the 'Ministry of Defense'.

You can also get jobs with regional authority scheming divisions, universities, oil and utilities firms, and map-publishers. By experience, you can also work on self-employed basis, even though for this you'll require your own mapping-machinery.

Openings are generally publicized by the nationwide newspapers and commercial websites and publications.


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