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Building Technician Careers

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Work Environment:

Being a building technician also recognized as a site engineer or construction estimator, your work would be to assist architects, surveyors and construction managers in several manners, like:

  • administering groups of contractors at location
  • supervising construction development as regards to decided completion day
  • assisting to scheme which techniques to employ for every construction phase
  • arranging building locations prior to work starts

  • dealing with providers to bargain and purchase equipment, labor and supplies at economical rates
  • drafting designs, blueprints and building plans utilizing CAD: Computer-Aided Design-software
  • evaluating expenditures for labor, equipment, materials and other expenses
  • verifying the quality of providers
You'll also be present at usual development meetings with customers and site-managers.

Qualification, Education and Experience:

You can acquire job position of building technician by a construction traineeship. The availability of Traineeships within your sector will rely on the regional employment market and the sort of abilities employers/companies want from staff.

To attain a traineeship, you might necessitate GCSE-grades (A-C) with topics such as Design and Technology, Mathematics, and English, or similar occupational qualifications such as a National-Diploma or Certificate into Construction by BTEC.

You can furthermore study for qualifications at advanced level, for instance HND or HNC into Construction approved by BTEC. If you're preparing to acquire a construction associated degree-course, you can appeal for financial support using the Construction Skills-INSPIRE Scholarship Plan. For further information regarding plan and qualifying criteria, contact Construction-Skills.

If you previously function in construction crafts, e.g. brick-laying; and with additional training, you can progress to technician-level.

The tips for writing Construction Skills for additional details regarding construction qualifications and profession. The Know Your-Place movement aspires to support the construction business as a profession option for women.

Training Details:

As you're recruited, you can obtain various occupational NVQ-qualifications, such as:

  • Third level into Construction-Site Supervision
  • Third and Fourth level into Construction Contracting-Operations
  • Fourth level into Construction-Site Management
The ABE: Association of Building-Engineers encompasses details on different NVQ-qualifications equivalent to those scheduled above. Visit the website of ABE for further particulars.

You can progress your career-scenario by acquiring the Technical-Staff Development and Qualification Scheme, provided by the National House-Building Council and the CIOB: Chartered-Institute of Building. You'll obtain sections which mainly coordinate with your job-function. Choices consist of:

  • Dispute-resolution
  • administrating information
  • procurement
  • construction difficulties
  • processing and submitting-tenders
  • planning
Contact the National House-Building Council and the CIOB, for added information as regards to practical training.

Skills and knowledge:

  • fine managerial abilities and the capability to meet up targets
  • IT proficiency, like CAD-software
  • sound knowledge of safety and health, and Construction policies
  • analytical conduct to solve problems
  • the aptitude to operate as team-member
  • outstanding understanding of building supplies and construction techniques
  • an accountable approach
  • admirable communication abilities

Salary and Other Benefits:

  • Beginning remunerations can be around $15,600 to $18,200 for a year.
  • Average-earnings can be approximately $18,000-$26,500.
  • Annual income of experienced building technicians can be above $31,000.

Working Conditions:

You would effort weekly for forty hours, on weekdays. Sometimes you may have to work on weekend and evening to meet up targets.

Generally, you'll be working in office, although you might have to visit locations while supervising construction arrangements and administering staff. You'll be estimated to put on protecting outfits while you are at the site.

Different Opportunities:

You can discover job-chances in national and global construction contractors and companies, regional and central government, and with associations which execute their own construction-work. These also comprise of the NHS, utility firms, and main dealers.

By experience you can enter upon construction administrative posts or concentrate into technical fields like purchasing, evaluating, or draughting.


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