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Education and training careers await candidates who are passionate about teaching and illuminating young minds, so as to tailor them to perfection in a specified field of interest. Candidates with a drive to contribute to academic and professional training, thereby sharing their knowledge with those willing to learn, with respect to a specific discipline of a field of interest or profession, are being seen as desirable candidates for taking up the responsibility of shaping the society, with the aid of education. This page is the perfect education and training career guide for students seeking answers to their queries and doubts, with respect to the field of education.

Innovations in the educational sector

Since most of the academic professional hold certifications of higher studies, seeking a job in the field of education and training might seem a little difficult. But, with the rising demand of education and plenty of innovations being introduced within the field, it is evident that there is always scope for candidates with comparatively less qualifications, but have developed their skills in teaching and training. Teaching is an art, for it is a responsibility that needs to be carried out carefully and systematically, aiming to produce best results that would help in the advancement of the society and the nation as a whole.

There are almost infinite opportunities in research as well as teaching, for educational institutions and academic professionals are constantly brainstorming, in order to design, develop, and introduce new courses and educational programs, eventually bringing into the society, a set of new opportunities for interested candidates.

Before you consider a career in education and training

There are certain parameters that will decide whether you fall under the category of an academic professional or an academic wannabe. It is important for you to ask yourself the following questions, in order to discover whether you truly seek this profession or if you are only experimenting with your career path -

  • Are you willing to pursue higher studies or even consider acquiring a Ph.D. or a doctorate?
  • Are you self-motivated so as to motivate your students?
  • Do you wish to develop your researching skills and engage in deep studies and research?
  • Do you have a liking and a passion for the discipline that you have considered?
  • Do you possess excellent communication skills - reading, speaking, and writing?
  • Are you proficient in expressing your ideas and enthusiastically take part in debates?
  • Can you refrain from losing your focus from a particular subject, for a considerably long time?
  • Can you ensure that your ego won't be a restraint in the interaction between you and the students?

Career opportunities in education and training

Although education is a competitive field, there is abundant scope of growth in various sectors of the profession such as research, faculty, library, administration, senior management, and teaching in schools, colleges, universities, and research institutions.

  • Research - You will find plenty of employment opportunities in research in the science sector, businesses, and the public sector consisting of regional research, NGOs etc. You are bound to come across many jobs involving consulting, marketing research, scientific research, environmental research etc.
  • Education - As we all know, the amount of educational institutions in the world are noticeably increasing due to the increasing demand for education and professional training. Education is a broad sector, where you have the opportunity to acquire and develop deep understanding in specific disciplines. You will find employment opportunities in schools, colleges, private institutions that offer short term courses and certifications, pre-schools, schools for mentally challenged, etc. There are also gates open for careers in professional training, where your students are employees from within or outside your organization.
  • Universities - You may also choose a career path in the non-academic sector of education; universities tend to employ non-academic candidates, generally focused in the administration and management of the institution. In order to take up the job of teaching in universities, you must possess at least a master's degree. If you wish to be a strong competitor in the process of job hunt, then you may study further to acquire a Ph.D., DBA, DPhil, etc, which makes you a desirable candidate for the position.

Considering an education and training career has always been a wise choice, for there are plenty of disciplines to choose from. Moreover, you get to grow within the field while you learn, eventually gathering more knowledge as you advance.

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Education Inspector Career
Education Welfare Officer Career
EFL Teacher Career
E-Learning Developer Career
Further Education Teacher Career
Health Promotion Specialist Career
Higher Education Lecturer Career
IT Trainer Career
Learning Mentor Career
Librarian Career
Library Assistant Career
Martial Arts Instructor Career
Music Teacher Career
Nursery Nurse Career
Nursery or Primary School Teacher Career
Nursery Teacher Career
NVQ Assessor Career
Online Tutor Career
Outdoor Activities Instructor Career
Portage Worker Career
Primary School Teacher Career
Prison Instructor Career
Sailing Instructor Career
School Business Manager Career
School Matron Career
School Secretary Career
Secondary School Teacher Career
Singing Teacher Career
Skills for Life Teacher Career
Special Educational Needs Teacher Career
Special Needs Teaching Assistant Career
Sports Coach Career
Swimming Teacher or Coach Career
Teaching Assistant Career
Training Manager Career
Training Officer Career
Yoga Teacher Career
Youth and Community Worker Career

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