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Catering services career guide can help you to play an important role in the field of food industry. In the present scenario, people socialize a lot and therefore, the catering business is one of the most lucrative and upcoming sectors in the world. Catering services work on several occasions, handle parties, and run several food chains. In this way, the catering business shares various kinds of meals, lunches and dinners and in this way, bring a large community of people together. In other words, this is a very unique way of socializing and creating a festive situation or mood as well as put up the thoughts of companionship and friendship.

Individuals who desire to aspire and build their career in this food industry should have the perception discerning the tastes of the customers, exceptional meal plans for special occasions, etc. Basically, this catering business is mainly responsible for handling various services such as food, beverages as well as specified services for the occasion's right from intimate ceremonial dinner parties or banquet, to weddings, receptions, conferences and thousands of other events. Individuals who wish to be a part of this industry have a great opportunity to take pleasure in this business and get maximum financial rewards as per the hard work done by them. However, the catering service is a place where people take complete hold of the business as well as skillfully manage the essential preparation before and after the ceremony or any type of event.

However, it is known that the catering business gets in direct contact with the customers or clients and executes the final preparation in order to make the program or event successful. In addition, they have to take due care to manage their customers; since, they have to maintain a healthy working relationship with them for a longer duration. Catering services are present in each and every sector such as business field, industrial zone, entertainment arenas, restaurants, casinos, sports, hotels, etc. Therefore, the future of the candidates willing to serve this sector has a high graph in their professional career.

Salary: The salary structure in the catering services depends on various factors such as different positions, various fields or business sectors, extra efforts, etc. However, at the initial level, the salary in this food industry begins from $9,250 to $10,000. The catering managers have a salary around $15,000 to 20,000 per annum. With certain amount of experience and promotion the salary is likely to go up to $25,000 to $40,000. In addition, some employees can earn additional by putting extra efforts through over time.

Working Hours: The working hours in certain catering industries are specific; but, in some cases of the catering services it is a long hour service. Basically, the work times goes in shifts in some places like hotels, casinos, etc. However, in restaurants, hotels, industrial zones, the work timings are specific that includes mornings, afternoon, evenings, weekends and some of the national holidays. It is very common that this sector includes shift work as well as spilt shifts. Managers have to work all round the clock in this sector due to important events or programs.

Responsibilities: The members in the catering services are responsible enough to make business and efficiently handle the customers with satisfactory and quality amount of food. The basic responsibilities of the catering services are as follows:

  • Handling the customers and maintaining the quality of the food
  • Prepping the materials and executing the food service before and after the events
  • Assisting the chefs and waiters in handling the foods prepared for the customers
  • Properly executing the basic food hygiene during the preparation of the food
  • Help in serving the meals to the customers
  • Efficiently organizing the staff members to carry out the specified tasks
  • Be sure that the helping staff is up-to-date in the catering services
  • Control the stock and manage the budgets

Qualifications: Most candidates who desire to work in the food industry should possess a formal education or have a food hygiene certificate. In addition, for proper positions, individuals should possess proper Masters Degree in Food industry or from catering services. Potential candidates who wish to aspire in this field should have a hold of Young Apprenticeship in Hospitality field. Efficient qualification and practical knowledge can help you to get promoted to higher positions.

Skills and Knowledge: The candidates who wish or apply for the catering services must certainly possess exceptional kind of skills and potential practical knowledge to cater to the preferences of the customers or clients. These exceptional skills and abilities are as follows:

  • Efficiency to work under peer pressure or taxing situations
  • Possess good communicational skills
  • Ability to take up the in charge of the special events or programs
  • Maintain extremely high standards in terms of personal and food hygiene
  • Skillful enough to coordinate efficiently with the team members
  • Strong determination and interest in working for the catering field
  • Disciplined and methodical approach towards the customer

Experience: Work experience is a general and essential criterion in each and every field; but, exceptionally, previous work experience of handling the kitchen is somehow counted in the catering services. However, it is essential to have a credited licensing qualification and prior work experience to be a most important and crucial part of this food industry. Experience helps the candidates to efficiently handle their work and manage several instruments which are not usually utilized in the daily kitchen. However, relevant work experience is required to handle the responsibilities of the food industry.

Opportunities: The available opportunities are tremendous, provided extra efforts are put into it. This catering and hospitality sector has prospective career progression and therefore, several candidates desire to study Hotel Management, Home Science, etc. With sufficient amount of capital and good knowledge you can set-up your food chain and enhance your professional career. In addition, candidates working with bigger hotels and restaurants have complete scope in enhancing their career in the catering services. All you have to do is have good communicational skills and practical knowledge to work in this service sector.

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