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The earth is one big home. We share this with many different creatures. Animal, plant and the land that we live on is a part of our life. Animals and plants are so important in our life, that we now have different job profiles related to it. Let us discuss some of these career opportunities.

The mindset of the people towards career has changed these days. They are opting for different careers, and not just thinking of engineering and medical as the most prestigious careers. People now opt for more adventurous and differentiated careers. These career opportunities might not be very popular, but do have a good scope. This makes it lucrative for the many individuals. There are many opportunities available, related to animals, plants and land. If you are not aware of the same, here are a few careers mentioned below:

  • Agricultural Engineer
  • Animal Care Worker
  • Arboricultural
  • Botanist
  • Dog Trainer
  • Dog Groomer
  • Fish Farmer
  • Florist
  • Forest Officer
  • Gardener
  • Horse Groomer
  • Horticultural therapist
  • Jockey
  • Landscape Architect
  • Ornithologist
  • Pet Behavior Counselor
  • Veterinary Surgeon
  • Veterinary Physician
  • Zookeepers, etc
The list is very long, and it is not possible to list down all the possibilities. However, this gives you an idea of what different careers one can opt for, in this field. Many of us love being with animals, trees, or admire the landscape and conceptualize the various structure or designs on that landscape. This might be our hobby. Wouldn't it be wonderful to convert this hobby into a career? We would not only earn a livelihood, but also enjoy our work, and pursue our hobbies and interest.

These career opportunities are such that you can either work with an organization, or set up your own business. It gives you an opportunity to be self-employed as well. For example, if you are good at flower decoration, bouquet making, etc., and know everything about flowers, you can be a florist and open your own retail outlet of flowers. If you have an experience in training dogs, you can work as a dog trainer independently, or else take up a job with some dog training organization.

Besides giving you an opportunity to be self employed, these jobs are very different from the monotonous career options like engineering or medicine. People who do not like to study a lot, or are far away from the mathematical and scientific fields, would enjoy working in this field. Many career options in this field do not require a specific degree. For example, you can be an undergraduate and still be a successful florist if you have good knowledge of flowers. A dog trainer again would not need a particular degree. A person, who is good at handling dogs, and has been skilled in training dogs, can be a dog trainer. He does not need a particular degree for that. A pet dog trainer might not even need any training. He/she might train dogs out of interest and love for dogs. A professional dog trainer, who trains dogs for police, needs to have some training. These jobs are adventurous and different from other monotonous jobs, and this is one of the main reasons people opt for such careers.

When you wish to apply for such jobs, you will definitely need a resume. Reading the job advertisement you would understand how you meet the employer's requirements. The skills that you possess in terms of your job profile should be highlighted and presented effectively. Wherever necessary, provide visual cues to justify your skills. In case of professions like botanist, veterinary doctor, etc., a proper degree is necessary. These careers cannot be pursued just based on the little knowledge that you have.

However, the scope of these jobs is increasing day by day. Not only this, these jobs are also considered as very respectful careers. The main point is that if you are interested in these fields and get to pursue it as a career, it is better than opting for a field that is very famous, but does not interest you.

Read about different careers in these fields in the links below, to choose your career.

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Animal Care Worker Career
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Arboricultural Worker Career
Arboriculturist Career
Assistance Dog Trainer Career
Biologist Career
Botanist Career
Countryside Officer Career
Countryside Ranger Career
Dog Groomer Career
Dog Handler Career
Ecologist Career
Farm Worker Career
Farrier Career
Fence Installer Career
Fish Farmer Career
Fishing Vessel Deckhand Career
Fishing Vessel Skipper Career
Florist Career
Forest Officer Career
Forest Worker Career
Gamekeeper Career
Gardener Career
Grounds Person Career
Horse Groom Career
Horse Riding Instructor Career
Horticultural Therapist Career
Horticultural Worker Career
Jockey Career
Kennel Worker Career
Landscape Architect Career
Landscape Scientist Career
Landscaper Career
Ornithologist Career
Pet Behavior Counselor Career
Pet Shop Assistant Career
Riding Holiday Leader Career
RSPCA or SSPCA Inspector Career
Rural Surveyor Career
Veterinary Nurse Career
Veterinary Physiotherapist Career
Veterinary Surgeon Career
Zookeeper Career
Zoologist Career

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