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Human body suffers from different ailments. There are different health problems that one suffers from, owing to hectic lifestyle, stress, etc. Usually, we consult a doctor for our health issues. However, with the advancement of science, now there are many different therapies that complement the doctor's treatment, or in some cases, the doctors recommend these therapies as a solution to our health problems. There are many different career opportunities with different therapies coming up, owing to the research in the field of medical and science. These therapies need specialists who are trained in a particular therapy, and are known as therapists. Therapist, like doctors, helps you overcome your health problems. They do not perform surgeries or rely on medicines for your treatment; they rather use different therapies and treat your problem.

With the number of therapies evolved over years, there are different therapist requirements. Given below is a list of some therapists:

  • Acupuncturist
  • Aroma therapist
  • Spa therapist
  • Colon Hydro therapist
  • Hypnotherapist
  • Yoga Therapist
  • Reiki Healer
  • Psychotherapist
  • Reflexologist
  • Massage Therapist
  • Nutritional Therapist
  • Music Therapist

These therapists are not medically certified doctors, but their treatments complement the doctor's treatment. After completing a surgery or medical treatment, for full recovery from the ailment, a patient has to take up some therapies. For example, physiotherapy is advised after a joint surgery has been performed on a patient, to help him/her again gain the flexibility of that particular muscle or joint.

Many dream of becoming a doctor. However, not all become doctors. Some are left out due to lack of money, some do not clear the entrance exams, and some do not want to be in the core medical field, but yet something related to health and wellness. Such people opt for various courses in therapies related to health and wellness. Although, these are differentiated careers that help one choose a stream of his/her choice, the person needs to undertake some training and clear some certificate courses. A person cannot become an Aroma therapist if he/she is not trained and certified in aroma therapy. The organizations offering these therapies are also registered and certified by the concerned authorities. Any such therapy cannot be offered without complete training and authorization by the concerned authorities. This is because these therapies are related to health of individuals, and human health cannot be risked. Hence proper certified training and authorization is essential for the therapist.

These therapies help doctors treat problems that sometimes are outside the purview of medical science. Besides, it helps in early healing and recovery. For example, many hospitals now have music therapy departments in their hospitals. In fact, in some hospitals music therapy is also used when a pregnant woman is delivering a baby. As per the therapy, it dilutes the labor pain. It is also recommended for patients dealing with stress, and other psychological problems. Similarly, aroma therapy is usually recommended for people who have a hectic routine. The massage using different aroma oils helps them rejuvenate their senses. Nutritional therapist is another very important therapist. It takes care of the nutrition intake of an individual, makes a nutrition chart and advises on the intake of food. Nutritional therapist work with hospitals, gyms, or even independently. Yoga, another very important concept these days cannot be ignored. Having its roots in India, this concept has been embraced all over the world for its benefits. Yoga not only helps in keeping you fit and healthy, but also helps you in healing. Thus, yoga therapists are again in huge demand all over the world.

People look up to Spa therapists when they feel like relaxing their body and mind, and rejuvenating their senses. The spa therapy can be opted for, without any health problem. It is used to relax the body and senses, and in some cases to bring a glow to the skin.

In the links below, you can read about various therapist careers, and learn everything about a particular therapy you are planning to opt for. This information is necessary because, it will help you choose your career wisely.

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