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System Programmer Resume

System Programmers are professionals who write codes and programs in various languages like C, C++, Visual Basics, Perl, Java, etc., for the systems which are used for specific purposes. They write these programs for the system hardware, and it's efficient functioning. Writing boot-loaders, system ROMs, product firmwares, etc., are the responsibilities of System Programmers.

A good system programmer resume would be the one which mentions the language specialized by the applicant, and his/her relevant experience in the same, in a clear and concise format. There is high appreciation for well designed resumes in the market, as they are more efficient at providing the information which is sought by the employers.

A person needs to have completed his/her Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering, in order to be eligible for the position of System Programmer. A Master's degree and relevant job experience would help the candidate in getting a better compensation package. Below is a sample for the same.

System Programmer Resume Sample:

Magdalene W. Vincent
2277 Monroe Street
Houston, TX 77092
Phone: 713-421-9389

Career Objective:

To work in an esteemed organization as a System Programmer, utilizing my skill in System Programming, to my level best for helping the organization, and my career grow together.

Professional Summary: 3 years of field experience as a Laborer Supervisor

Key Skills:

  • Good analytical and problem solving skills
  • Works well in teams, and serves as as good team player
  • Good leadership qualities, and can get the work done from a group of people in time
  • Proficient with C, C++, Java, COBAL, and MEL
  • In depth knowledge of application and software design
  • Good knowledge of systems and chip programming
  • Good time management skills, and ability to find work around in the daily work flow, for saving time and improving efficiency

Educational Qualification:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering: St. Louis International College: 255 North point Dr Ste 100., Houston, TX (April, 2006 to April, 2009)
  • High School: Saint Mary's School, 6020 Shallowford Rd., Chattanooga, TN (March, 2006)

Professional Experience:

System Programmer: ABGR Systems Pvt. Ltd., 300 E Loop 820, Fort Worth, TX (April, 2010 till date)

  • Supervising a team of 15 system programmers
  • Writing system programs for prototype chip-sets on a daily basis
  • Troubleshooting the boot-loader issues
  • Programming chips and IC behavior
  • Creating reports on a daily basis for quality analysis and budgeting purposes
  • Creating a monthly department budget, and proposing it to the higher management for approval
  • Coordinating tasks within the different departments to increase efficiency
  • Researching about the latest technological changes, and new hardware languages being used in chip and IC design
  • Finding bugs and errors in the source code, and fixing them within deadlines
  • Developing new codes which take lesser memory space and are faster
  • Writing codes for different system ROMs as per the exact given specifications from the clients
  • Training new system programmers about the daily work flow and time management techniques

System Programmer: Tech143 System Solutions Pvt. Ltd., 5151 Edloe St., Houston, TX (May, 2009 to March, 2010)

  • Writing source codes to be used in the creation of system firmwares for various electronic gadgets and appliances
  • Creating a core program, compatible with cross platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, etc
  • Writing system programs for heavy machinery, making sure all the safety protocols and self protection tasks have been programmed in the machines perfectly, as per the clients requirements and specifications
  • Troubleshooting errors reported by client feedback, and the quality check department
  • Writing smaller and lighter codes for latest gadgets
  • Being a part of the whole component building process
  • Creating weekly and monthly reports for tracking the code failure rates, and improving on them
  • Conducting training on the best system programming practices improving program efficiency and good time management
  • Coordinating with the contractual laborers, and the ones hired on a freelance basis
  • Conducting workshops on time saving techniques
  • Arranging and managing monthly seminars to promote programmer awareness, and increase their knowledge about the latest trends in the system programming
  • Making proper communication between different departments keeping a track on the work schedule


  • "Best System Programmer" awarded by the Senior Manager for the most bug free system code for the month of August, 2011
  • "Best System Program" awarded by the Deputy Manager for creating the best system program in one of the competitions held in the organization


Name: Jeannine G. Rosa
Designation: Senior Manager
Organization: ABGR Systems Pvt. Ltd., 300 E Loop 820, Fort Worth, TX
Phone: 262-364-9805

Name: Helen P. Ferguson
Designation: Deputy Manager
Organization: Tech143 System Solutions Pvt. Ltd., 5151 Edloe St., Houston, TX
Phone: 318-443-1139

The system programmer resume example shows an outline, which one must follow while drafting a system programmer resume. They must make appropriate changes as per their needs, and should make sure all the information written in the resume has a documented proof.

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