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Specific Language Programmer Resume

Job Description:

Generally, the specific language programmers have to do necessary conversions in respect of specifications and procedures into flow charts for the purpose of coding them into computer languages. Their main duty is to write computer programmes to store, find and get back the important information as and when required.

The responsibility of the programmer is to trial run the program and software applications to ensure that they produce the desired result and to verify that the instructions issued are correct. If any error is noticed, he or she has to make necessary changes to get the desired information.

The programmer has to compile and complete the documentation work, with necessary changes made, and to insert the comments in the coded instructions to enable others to understand and follow the program. He or she has to write, maintain and update computer programs and software packages in order to handle specific jobs like tracking inventory, retrieving and storing the data.

Periodically, the programmer has to consult the management and technical people to identify problems and suggest necessary changes and remedial measures. He or she should have the efficiency to increase operating efficiency and to adapt to new technologies and requirements.

William D
1591, West Drive
Phone: 312-432-7570

Job Objective:

I am a highly skilled and professional language programmer with five years of diversified experience in programming computer languages. I am seeking for a good position of a language programmer in a renowned company to prove my talent.

Professional Skills:

  • I have deep knowledge in programming languages and database management.
  • I have excellent communication skills, both oral and written
  • I do have good organisational skills
  • I can collect statistical data, tabulate and analyse and present in useful format
  • I can work under any circumstance and even under pressure

Technical Skills Possessed:

  • Languages Known: C, C++, Java, NET, SQL
  • Operating Systems: Windows, Unix and Linux
  • Data Base: Microsoft Access, Oracle, MS SQL, DB-2
  • I have the ability to operate almost all software tools
  • I have deep knowledge about Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows server 2003.

Professional Experience:

  • At present I am working as a C# language programmer in a software solutions company since 2006.
  • I am responsible for developing major projects involving software applications by using C# programming language.
  • I am responsible for writing various specifications, debugging and coding
  • I have the responsibility to answer the queries of the customers, as I have developed good rapport with them.
  • I have fully understood the principles and guidelines of software development life cycle and performed several tasks according to it.

I have also worked as a C# language programmer in ABC software solutions in Georgia from the year 2003 to 2005, during which period, I gained rich experience in the following fields.

  • I was responsible for identifying new policies and plans and implementing the same in order to meet the goals and objectives of my employer.
  • I was in charge of preparing the daily reports on the important activities for the verification and perusal of senior programmer and the management.
  • I was also responsible for answering the queries of the customers and troubleshoot their problems.

Educational Qualifications:

I have a B. Tech degree in Computer Science and Engineering from an Institute of Technology, Boston.
I have also passed the Master's degree in Computer Science from a college in Indiana.
I attended the certificate course in C# language programming and got the certificate from an Institute in Indiana.


References will be produced on request.

Advantages of a Resume:

When you are in search of a position of a programmer, you are required to enclose a specific language programmer resume along with the application, as submission of resume has become a necessity for the employers to prepare the short list. If a company is specific about the position they are hiring for, the generic resume will not serve the required purpose.

You have to prepare the resume according to the requirement of the jobs, and the importance of specific language programmer resume is that the employer has to think that you are suitable candidate for the position advertised by them.

Even though the resume is a tool to sell you to your prospective employer, you should not oversell yourself. You must ensure that the details of specific language programmer resume contain all important and pertinent information about you to impress the employer in a better way.

In fact, the resumes submitted by the candidates are not fully reviewed by the hiring managers or recruiters and therefore your resume should be an outstanding one to draw the attention of the employers at the first sight itself.

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