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CNC Programmer Resume

Power driven machines used to cut, shape and drill materials such as wood, metal, plastic, etc., are usually automated. With the advancement of technology, human involvement in the operations of these machines is reduced to a great extent. Nowadays Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines are in demand and have replaced manual involvement in these mechanical operations. The machines work automatically based on how they are programmed. For example, if the machine is meant to drill holes at regular intervals in a metal pipe, it will have a program installed in it, that will help substantiate the task. People responsible for developing such programs for these machines are known as CNC Programmers. They develop programs as per the requirements put forth by clients and help a machine automate itself and give the desired output.

The job role of a CNC Programmer:

A CNC Programmer works on developing programs for machines. For this, he will have to thoroughly study a CAD model of an actual desired output. For example, if a client wants certain part of an automobile to be designed in a specific manner, he will provide a computer aided 3D model of that design, which will give explanation and specification of that part thoroughly. Based on it, a programmer will develop a program, which will cut, drill, press, shape, etc., the metal or raw material as mentioned and lead to a final ready to use output.

Resume Example

Jason C. Wolf
4938 Platinum Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Ph: 724-823-3802

Career Objective:

Having worked as a CNC Programmer for 5 years willing to work in Quality Analysis and Research to help develop better programs that simplify the use of machines and add to the quality and innovation in product.

Career Summary:

Having worked in the said field for almost 5 years, I am thorough with all the requirements and standards of CNC programs used for manufacturing via CNC operated machines. Being automated, the level of accuracy expected from these machines is much higher as compared to a manually operated machine. I have developed thorough expertise in developing different programs and meeting the specifications put forth by the client and the quality department as effectively as possible.

Summary of Skills:

  • Excellent communication and coordination skills
  • Expertise in understanding CAD models of the desired output and efficient in using CAD
  • Thorough with computer programming and languages like C, C++, Java, SQL, etc.
  • Excellent logical, critical and reasoning skills
  • Excellent mathematical skills
  • Expertise in understanding and grasping things effectively with the help of active learning and listening skills
  • Good at troubleshooting and quality testing to ensure that the program delivers the required output
  • Extremely self motivated and need least or no instructions and supervision to perform tasks
  • Proven ability of working in teams
  • Excellent leadership and team handling skills

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: J-One Machining Software Solutions
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (2009-till date)
Designation: Sr. CNC Programmer
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Report to project manager
  • Understanding client requirements
  • Studying the CAD model of the required output
  • Drafting computer automated manufacturing programs, based on CAD of the product and making use of logical and analytical reasoning as and when required
  • Draft program script manuals and make changes in it as and when required
  • Conducting a mock test on completion of the program, and checking it for effectiveness and quality
  • Check for flaws and discrepancies
  • Troubleshooting flaws and checking the final output available from a machine
  • Coordinating with the quality check department and resolving issues or flaws if any

Previous Work Experiences:

SYS Tech Solution Services
Longwood, Florida (2006-2009)
Designation: CNC Programmer
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Report to project manager
  • Assist the CNC Programmers in understanding the CAD models of the product requirements put forth by the client
  • Assist in mock testing and quality verification of the programs


  • Masters of Science in Advanced IT Sciences, University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 2006
  • Bachelors of Computer Engineering, University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 2004

Computer Skills:

  • Thorough with different operating systems and languages used in computer programming
  • Possess expertise in computer software and am well acquainted with hardware issues and requirements


Willing to work in Richmond, Virginia


Available on request


Jason C. Wolf

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