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Graphic Designer Resume

Graphic Designers innovate highly creative patterns or designs, by utilizing standard, established structures, and layouts. These designs are made as per customer specifications, which creates an aesthetic whole. Hence, as a graphic designer, you need to stress your creative faculties and abilities, to coordinate useful structures to serve the client's requirements. This needs some educational base of graphic designing and training programs accomplished, to refine your designing skills.

You may supplement such a resume with a good cover letter, highlighting your prior working experiences in the field. Hence, your sample graphic designer resume should focus on your planning, designing, organization, and management skills, to offer the customer with the best designs. So, go through the resume sample given below, once you understand the essential positional responsibilities or jobs to be accomplished, as a Graphic Designer. It will provide you the useful guidelines about how to write a graphic designer resume.

Jobs and responsibilities:

  • Analyzing the client's requirements and demands in order to create the best suitable designs that would serve their purpose
  • Planning, designing, coordinating, organizing, and creating a unique whole, which will offer useful structures with the necessary aesthetic pleasure to the eyes
  • Developing and working on the created designs to accomplish the work, and having a good system to monitor graphic designing functions
  • Creating useful layouts and patterns to work on; this keeps workforce busy, and guided
  • Using computer software to achieve the desired exactness and perfection to complete the given project with high visual impact
  • Determining the required materials and budget for completing the given project, and accordingly developing necessary plans to accomplish the tasks with the fixed schedules

Thus, generate an effective graphic designer resume that will present your potential in graphic designing and power to innovate the required designs, as per customer demands.

Todd K. Rice
4602 Hill Haven Drive
Clifton, TX 76634
Phone: 285-376-8464
Email Address:


With 12 years of experience at providing highly effective and efficient designing services as a graphic designer, I desire to work with your well recognized organization, and wish to provide highly innovative and creative designing to serve the client's customized needs and demands.


  • Extensive experience at providing highly efficient graphic designing functions
  • Provided highly managed, planned, and timely services
  • Created well admired designs and patterns
  • Proficient at handling Automated Computer Aided Designing (Auto CAD) operations
  • Effectively planned and managed the given schedules to provide timely services


  • Excellent mathematical and analytical abilities to create necessary designs and patterns
  • Proficient at managing organization and administration functions
  • Outstanding innovative abilities to generate unique and creative designs
  • Strong comprehensive mind, and deductive reasoning abilities to problem solving
  • Good at management decision making
  • Skilled at creating motion graphics

Technical Skills:

  • Excellent at dealing with Microsoft Office functions
  • Professional at offering highly customized services
  • Proficient at handling Automated Computer Designing functions
  • Good at managing database functions


  • Completed a graduate program in 'Graphic Designing' from Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD) in 1996
  • Completed a Diploma course in 'Advanced Graphic Designing Trends and Management'
  • Attended a training program on 'Developing advanced designing and planning skills'

Professional Experience:

Graphic Designer, RYE Graphic Designing Services Pvt. Ltd. Brattleboro, VT
2009-till date
Role and responsibilities

  • Developing the required designs and structures to complete the given designing projects, with highly efficient management functions
  • Creating the unique designs and patterns, to satisfy the client's requirements, and providing high aesthetic pleasure with good visual impact
  • Providing the clients with highly customized designs and plans, as a part of graphic designing services
  • Integrating a variety of functions and designs, to develop useful patterns that would offer the clients with the best industry practices
  • Providing the clients with a variety of different alternatives and designs, that would offer them with the necessary choices

Senior Assistant Graphic Designer; REW Graphic Designing Industries Pvt. Ltd. Bloomfield, CT
Role and responsibilities

  • Provided technical support functions to develop essential designs and patterns that would fit into the client's requirements
  • Assisted in planning and developing the given projects, to accomplish them, in the best possible manner, with the increased operational efficiency
  • Managed designing and developing functions, to establish the required plans, and to calculate the monetary involvement of the project (budgetary function)
  • Supported the management with highly innovative and creative designs, to serve the client's demands and facilitating effective decision making functions
  • Assisted a graphic designer to carry out all the essential tasks to accomplish the given project, and providing relevant feedback to monitor well development of the plan
  • Carrying out managerial responsibilities right from planning, designing, developing, to establishing useful control functions, for successful accomplishment of the objective


  • Recognized as 'The Best Performer of the Year 2010' for effective contribution, in developing highly unique graphic designs, to serve the client's customized demands and requirements


  • Affiliated to a society formed for discussing the new emerging trends, and technological developments in the field of graphic designing, and generating proper solutions to deal with the client's customized requirements

Mobility and Flexibility:

Powerful abilities to express the feeling through designing functions, with highly flexible attitude, to adapt to the environmental needs and demands. Mobile and ready to work anywhere in the States, with quite flexible working schedule, and abilities to handle independent responsibilities.


I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct and true as per my knowledge.

Todd K. Rice

In this manner, your graphic designer resume needs to portray your innovative power to express through designs. So, effectively coordinate your qualifications and skills to develop the required graphic designs, with the remarkable accomplishments in the field. Cover letter is much more important that adds plus point to attract an employer. Read the sample shared here.

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