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Wardrobe Manager Resume

A wardrobe manage resume is not a necessity but a need that has arose from the visceral moulds of thinking and self-esteem of the human drones who, with a courteous bow and verbal gesture of thank you, have adopted the basest motivation for their living. Dressing yourself for the bare meaning of covering yourself was the basic meaning to the whole idea of clothing back then. But as time changed, human begins evolved (or did they?) and came to invent many meanings and uses out of the same thing. This time nothing was for the purpose of living decently; the purpose got muddled in the delusion of our actions- the very actions that implied to no more living a good life but a large life. Gone are the days when simplicity in life and pure dedication towards one's work were the norm of the day. We are the monsters breeding on our own humanity. But what can be said about the fad and pop of today that might change our base thinking into a more sensible thinking! Keeping in lieu with the argument, it may be put blatantly that industrialization and consumerism together have conceived and given birth to so many illegitimate children which are not needed if thought from the humanitarian school of thought. Many new jobs have found takers and market for themselves; the mere thought of these and their actual utility just strains the mind of a logical human being, but same cannot be said of drones and cogs.

Coming back to our original point behind this topic, which was a travesty in first place, we may say that all said and done, having a great wardrobe (a fancier name for cloths collection) has assumed a greater importance and so with this, there has emerged a need for wardrobe managers who can take care of the wardrobe and its owner. He may be employed by a fashion design company, a TV/ film production house for handling wardrobe for actors, or a rather rich individual who wants his wardrobe to be taken care of by someone with expertise and skills for it.

Following is a sample resume for this post that guides you through the process of writing an impressive resume for securing a job with a good prospector.

Wardrobe Manager Resume Sample

Forrest Goodman
16, North Side, 67 St.
Carlisle, MA 01741


To cater to a leading TV production house my expertise in wardrobe management for actors and competently face new challenges that each day brings with itself.

Profile Summary

  • 2 years of rich experience in theater crew wardrobe management with Fusion Theater in Chicago
  • 1 year of good work experience as wardrobe assistant with Gucci store in Paris
  • Completed professional wardrobe fashion design course from the Paris School of Fashion Design
  • Complete hands-on experience in designing custom wardrobe while on internship with Loman in Lyon

Skill Set

  • Equipped with the skills in noting down the specific and unique details of design and brining to light new designs rich in detailing
  • Gathered overall skills of wardrobe management in the field of theater
  • Arranging the wardrobe according to the directions of the producers and and swiftly providing the actors with the needed costumes and other apparel before and during he play
  • Assisted the store manager in arranging and displaying different wardrobe according to the themes- vintage, tropical, etc
  • Good at multi-tasking for managing different responsibilities together in an efficient manner
  • Ability to work in team and contribute to the overall targets of the company
  • Excellent communication skills for effective interaction with the team and the managers
  • Efficient at using computers and internet for online work

Work Experience

Fusion Theater, Chicago
Theater Wardrobe Manager (2010-Present)

  • Took briefings from the production department about the requirement for wardrobe and the thematic primary and secondary colors
  • Ensured that all the clothes were in place in time for the actors and provided them with makeup and other accessories too
  • Stocked the wardrobe with neatly categorized clothes and maintained database for the same
  • Procured clothes and makeup from the suppliers and according to the budget, negotiated depending on the quantity being procured

Gucci store, Lyon
Asst. Wardrobe Manager(2005-2009)

  • Assisted the store manager with stocking, arranging and tagging of different sections of the store
  • Assisted the customers with clothes selection and try-outs and ensured good sales strategies for reaching my share of sales target
  • Worked in a team of 6 people and contributed to the team by sharing responsibilities


  • Course in Fashion Designing from the Paris School of Fashion Design, 2004
  • Bachelors in Arts (Linguistics), ABC College, Boston, 2002
  • Joseph Memorial High School, 2000


In bullet points format, list some of the important professional achievement s of your career.

This is how a wardrobe manage resume is written. Please make sure to include the names of all the clients or companies for whom you have worked till date, along with the tenure duration and short summary of work done there. This information will go a long way in giving the reader a good insight of your capabilities. Also, when writing about your work experience, make sure to write it in a reverse chronological order so as to give priority to the latest work. After writing the resume, proofread it at least twice in order to eliminate any errors or mistakes in the body that may hamper your impression on the recruiter.

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