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Visitor Service Manager Resume

Yes, resume is just a marketing document that communicates every piece of information required for the job opening. It provides an opportunity to impress the person that is hiring you. Truly saying, there are no specific rules that need to be followed in writing a resume. However, it is necessary to maintain the content and outline to a certain standard that leads to a job interview. Many a time, a qualified applicant is simply rejected. The reason is that the resume sent to the employer has been poorly prepared. This visitor service manager resume is a way of developing a unique resume that ultimately leads you to a job interview.

Visitor service manager works in tourist places, museums, zoos, parks, etc. The job of a visitor service manager is to provide the highest level of guest service. It is the responsibility of a visitor service manager to provide day-to-day operations that meet the highest point of visitor satisfaction.

Some of the duties of a visitor service manager include welcoming the guests in a warm manner, developing and implementing guidelines of reception or front desk operations, providing staff management services, managing event calendar, monitoring that the guest room is maintained neatly at all times, preparing inventory records, maintaining visitor number records, providing security parking instructions, updating visitor issues to the top level management, addressing visitor issues, providing informational brochures to visitors, responding to inquiries via email and phone, monitoring the use of supplies and materials, managing and developing the facilities, promoting the facility through promotional materials and websites, assisting financial department in cash handling activities, and many more.

Visitor service manager should be well versed in marketing and promotional activities, public relation management, and work flow procedures of tourist places. A diploma in high school is mandatory to apply for the position. The visitor service manager should possess excellent communication, relationship building, and customer service skills.

Sample Visitor Service Manager Resume

Olin Prince
28 Square Rd Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45236
Cell: (123)-567-9902


To provide effective service in the operation and management of public places by taking the roles and responsibilities of a visitor service manager in a renowned organization

Job Knowledge & Credentials:

  • Sound knowledge of public relation management, public places maintenance and operational procedures
  • Comprehensive knowledge of customer relationship management, cash handling, and fiscal management policies
  • In-depth knowledge of sales and marketing and business operation standards
  • Possess excellent customer service, communication, and management skills

Work Experience:

Organization: BUVS Inc, Ohio
Designation: Visitor Service Manager
Duration: June 2011 till date

  • Responsible for overseeing and managing the operation of visitor center staff and provide support in marketing activities
  • Assigned the responsibilities of managing event calendar and promotion of the facility through promotional materials and websites
  • Handle the tasks of staffing and general management of BUVS Inc to achieve organizational goals and objectives
  • Responsible for providing administrative support to the operation staff as well as addressing the visitor issues
  • Perform the responsibilities of assisting visitors and supervision of general operation of the facility
  • Handle the tasks of providing informational brochures to visitors as well as handling financial activities

Organization: Susus Corp, Ohio
Designation: Service Manager
Duration: May 2009 to May 2011

  • Assigned the tasks of supporting in the overall management of the operation of Visitor Services' Handled responsibilities of handling cash management and preparation of department budget
  • Performed the tasks of providing the best customer services by providing information of the places and regions
  • Responsible for preparing and maintaining visitor records and supervising the activities of visitor attendants
  • Assigned the responsibilities of handling and maintaining the equipment of the facility

Educational Qualification:

Achieved Diploma in High School, Ohio School in 2009


Will be pleased to furnish upon request

It is good to avoid putting wrong information or irrelevant content. If you commit the mistake, the probability of losing the job interview is high. The resume sample in the page details all the essential points that will make your resume perfect and compelling. Certain tips have also been provided to bring your resume to the limelight. This resume sample is sure to leave a lasting impression on the mind of the employer, finally leading to a job interview.

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