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Veterinary Office Manager Resume

A veterinary office manager resume is written by a person who can handle the administrative responsibilities involved in handling an office setup. Such an office setup is usually a small one, typically a clinic, where an office manager assists the doctor with daily office work. A person at this post has the responsibility of ensuring the smooth running of the entire office by handling the reception work, taking calls and giving appointments to those with sick pets, etc. apart from handling the reception, other things that form part of his core duties are- taking care of the accounts section, making sure that all the required medicines and equipment are well-stocked and re-ordering the new ones, assisting the doctor in certain medical procedures, maintaining patient (animal) records, taking care of payroll, ensuring that the standards of the place are in perfect conformity with the state and the federal standards. These are some of the things that a person at this post has to manage.

Now when it comes to writing a resume for this, or any other post, there are certain standards and format which the writer has to adhere to. Although there is a variety of resume formates available but the writing standards remain the same. This includes the vocabulary, grammar, and an error-free draft. Now, for ensuring an error-free draft, it is very important to proofread it once you are done writing the entire thing. Apart from this, the other things to take care of are as follows:

  • Divide it into sections - You must divide the resume into separate sections so as to infuse a level of clarity in the flow of your resume. These sections act as road signs guiding the reader to the required information like objective statement, work experience, educational qualifications, professional achievements, etc

  • Use bullet points - Using bullet points in the resume adds neatness to it and clearly distinguishes one point from the other.

  • Use reverse chronological order - This order needs to be used while mentioning about work experience, and educational qualification. This means that you start with the latest work experience/ educational qualification and then go back towards earlier experience details.

Now following is a resume sample for your reference.

Veterinary Office Manager Resume Sample

Hollis Mason
16, North Side, 67 St.
Carlisle, MA 01741


Highly motivated and goal-driven individual, I am looking for an opportunity where I can use my skills to meet the daily challenges of the office environment with regularity and commitment.

Profile Summary

  • 5 years of working experience in veterinary office and handing the front and back office operations.
  • Hands-on experience on various medical machines for carrying out simple tests.
  • Proficient in taking care of the animal and administering injections and other medication before and after the check-up/ treatment.
  • Have handled a staff of 6 subordinates successfully
  • Handled responsibilities like payroll and accounts

Skills Summary

  • Good with taking care of the animals brought in for treatment.
  • Efficient at handling phone calls, giving appointments and managing the visitors.
  • Good human resource management skills for handling subordinates and extracting work from them.
  • Excellent at managing my time so as to finish off my tasks in time.
  • Good communication skills to interact effectively with the visitors and the staff.
  • Fast learner and a keen observer

Work Experience

XYZ Veterinary Clinic
Office Manager (2010-Present)

  • Assisted the doctor in various procedures.
  • Handled the front office operations and gave appointments.
  • Maintained order in the waiting area
  • Kept various pet adoption centers in loop and arranged for animal transfers in case the need arose.
  • Co-ordinated with the druggists and ordered new equipments and drugs on a regular basis.

ABC Veterinary Clinic
Office Manager (2007-2010)

  • Assisted the clients by answering to their queries and gave them appointment dates.
  • Ensured that the clients were satisfied
  • Trained and oriented the new staff for the office work and responsibilities


  • Bachelors degree in Arts, University of Stathom, 2006
  • Greendale High School, 2003


In bullet points format, list some of the important professional achievement s of your career.

This is how a veterinary office manager resume is written. Take into consideration all the above mentioned points about its format and structure.

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